Nigerian Women cry out as Swedish sex dolls invade the market

Alarmingly, the Nigeria market has recently been invaded with a Swedish-made sex doll widely condemned and described as a sign of end and the return of Sodom and Gomorrah by critics. With a succulent skin texture equated to 99.8% of human’s body, the silicone made sex doll is said to serve as alternative to sexual intercourse with woman as it possesses all sexual attributes of a woman.

The newly invented sex product according it’s investors possesses the under listed qualities and advantages.This would be the best $6000 you’d ever spend. It will last two years if used constantly and consistently every day. Completely adjustable to any position you want.There are 100 sensors spread around the body. There are 30 sensors on the private parts. Each sensor makes her move in a specific way, up to 20 positions.

On penetration she emits a light gentle sound that echoes gently in your ears.
Comes with inbuilt sound in the throat and recognizes up to 16 commands that are extremely personal up to two meters away from her ears.

When there is any type of pulsation sensed in her private parts she emits light moans of stimulation.

Above all that she gets wet with a slight touch over any of the sensors.
Most important, she has a voice password, which should be protected from disclosure.

Principal characteristics:

She does not speak
She does not get fat
She never has periods
She does not pass gas
She never goes shopping
She does not get pregnant
She does not have a mother
She never ever gets headaches
She does not go to the hairdresser
She does not watch soaps or Oprah
She does not care what we watch on TV
She does not frequent internet chat rooms
She will never get elderly human physical attributes
She will not get jealous if you bring home another woman
She will not nag if you go out and she won’t care
when you return.

Speaking with DailyPost, a woman identified as Mrs. Olawale said: “I wonder what Technology is turning the world into. Even when my husband saw it on the internet, he developed interest in the thing. My fear now is that if by chances he gets it, that might be end of our marriage.” She said sadly.

Another Mrs. Emenike said it’s none of her business. Her words, “I know my husband would definitely go for it, because he doesn’t have my time, but it’s none of my business, I know life would still go on.” – Daily Post.

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
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