Nigeria: Jonathan, only aspirant without corruption burden – Daboh

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(Codewit)President Goodluck Jonathan has been described as the most suitable of all those aspiring to be Nigeria’s president next year, being the only one without any burden of corruption.

Leader of the Move Nigeria Project, Dr Godwin Daboh, who disclosed this in an interview with the Nigerian Tribune, on Monday, said the lot of Nigerians would improve with Jonathan elected as president in 2011.

According to him, “Of all the leaders that Nigeria has, he remains the only one that is not corrupt and will remain incorruptible. People like him should be given a chance to improve the lot of the country.”

He stated that, “there are many intrigues directed at preventing Jonathan from emerging as the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate at the primaries but all of these will fail because a majority of Nigerians want a change and they are going to work towards effecting that change.”

Daboh, therefore, appealed to those who were bent on stopping Jonathan at the primaries to have a rethink for the benefit of the country.

“I want to appeal to the few Nigerians from the North who are determined to see that Jonathan does not emerge as the PDP presidential candidate to please stop because by doing so, they are courting disaster.  The people of the South-South, who have always supported the North, are not going to be happy about this because Jonathan is from the region.”

He said those who were making capital out of Jonathan’s aspiration did not understand what they were doing because Jonathan assumed office of the president through providence, adding that those who were opposed to him were inviting trouble in the country “because Jonathan is God’s project.”

Daboh added that the trend all over the world was generational shift, saying the older ones should allow the younger ones to contribute their own quota to the nation’s development.

“Nigerians want a generational change and that change is represented by the Jonathan/Sambo ticket. These are young men under 60, who have the competence, the intellectual capacity to take this nation to the next level,” he said.

According to him, if the PDP primaries were allowed to be free and fair, Jonathan would win “because he is leading in 29 states at the moment.”

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