No way forward for Nigeria unless Abiola is recognised – Says Abiola’s son

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Son of late Chief  M K O Abiola , Jamiu  has said  that Nigeria can never forward unless the contributions  of his parents  and others to  the enthronement of democracy were recognized.

Jamiu also condemned  political office holders, who are the beneficiaries of the struggle for revalidation of the annulled June 12 1993 election for failing to acknowledge the contributions of the martyrs of the struggle .

He explained that Nigeria can never move forward if the contributions of those who laid their lives for democracy to be enthroned  was continuously denied

Speaking, at a lecture organized by Action Group of Nigeria  (AGN) to commemorate the anniversary of the annulment of  the election  in the Opebi residence of   his late father, Jamiu, who lost his two parents in the struggle to revalidate the election , said it was sad  and  disgraceful  that , the beneficiaries of such struggle could not even appreciate the supreme price paid by his parents and others in the struggle, and acknowledge their contributions.

He maintained  that , if Nigerians refuse to cast their minds back, and acknowledge their contributions, “it is sad, disgraceful, painful, and was no way God would allow the country to prosper unless justice was done, and that it was important for those in position of authority to recognize that fact  .

“What is the big deal in giving honour to somebody whose honour is due, “what is the big deal in acknowledging somebody that laid his life for what people are enjoying? Do you honestly think that the military would have ever left politics , if not for the sacrifice that my father and my mother Alhaja Kudirat Abiola , Chief Alfred Rewane  and several other Nigerians , that died on the streets of Lagos and Abuja made?

“How is the country going to  move forward when people are so wicked enough, not even to acknowledge the people that died for what they are currently enjoying and will enjoy  in the future?

“Never in the history of Nigeria had the military left power for more than two to three years, they always come back, because there is nothing in this world bigger than power, but in their barracks they will think, how can we go back when Chief M K O Abiola, Alhaja Kudirat Abiola have died ,that is the only reason they have not come back , yet the beneficiaries have refused to acknowledge the people that died for them to be where they are today , it is not only sad, it is a disgrace, and that is why white people look at Africans and say they are animals. This is the kind of thing they talk about , this kind of thing is automatic in a civilized  democracy.“

Speaking in the same vein Professor Pat Utomi, who was the chairman of the occasion , said June 12 represented the unity of  Nigeria, because on that day, they voted en mass for Abiola , and  it was sad that , the election was annulled.

He maintained that , people stood by June 12 because they believed in it, and Nigerians votes were made to count, he explained that Nigerians should always clamour for an electoral reform that would guarantee respect for their votes , and that was the only thing that could be done to keep alive the spirit of those who died for the June 12 struggle.

He maintained that , the choice of Professor Attahiru Jega as INEC chairman, was not sufficient to guarantee a credible election , but only a credible electoral reform can guarantee free and fair election .

He however , advocated for campaign finance reform , so as to checkmate the money people spend on election, “until we deal with campaign finance reform , we have not got to the height of electoral  reform.”

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