Libya deports another 740 Nigerians

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THERE seem to be no end in sight to the deportation of Nigerians from foreign lands, especially Libya, which has deported 740 illegal immigrants in four days.

With the fresh deportation, Libya has deported 1,064 Nigerians from its shores in the last one month, having brought back about 330 Nigerians in August this year. Precisely on September 27, 2009, Libya deported 150 Nigerians, – all male – at about 15:30 hours with the aircraft registration number SUBME.

The deportees wore somber looks as they were handed over to officials of the Nigerian Immigration Services.

Twenty-four hours later, a second batch of Nigerian deportees arrived the shores of the country at 1:45p.m. with additional 150 males.

While the latest deportees were still going through immigration processes, the North African country at 14:15p.m. deported another 150 males from its country. The same aircraft brought the latest deportees.

The following day, September 29, 2009, another 150 males were deported and on Tuesday at about 11:30 p.m., 134 Nigerians comprising 88 females and 46 males were deported from the country with the same aircraft.

Sources close to immigration officials at the international wing of the Murtala Mohammed Airport (MMA), Lagos, said no fewer than 1,064 Nigerians had been deported from Libya in the last one month, while the deportees had been handed over to their families.

The source emphasised that most of the deportees did not have the required papers to stay in the North African country, adding that some of them claimed refugee status in a bid to enter Europe, especially Spain from Libya.

The source decried that some Nigerians had lost their lives in this process, recalling the incident of a ship that capsized about a week ago on Spanish waters comprising illegal African immigrants, mainly Nigerians.

The Libyan government has repeatedly stated its intention to reduce the arrival of illegal immigrants in the country and ensure it does not become a crossing point to Europe.

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