Boy Friend Wahala: Shameless Things Ladies Do

shameless girlsI have observed a disturbing trend, very disturbing indeed and it has to do with our ladies.

They can be so shameless and brutal when it comes to boy/man friend matter.

Some of them are even ready to go naked on the road to make their point and i ask; what the hell is going on ladies? Must you fight dirty for guys to take notice? Just have a look…..


Guess what they are fighting over? The worst is that the guys are watching them fight. Ladies the truth is that the guy you are fighting over does not give a hoot.
Even the hookers are not left out, they also fight male customers. I mean must you girls descend this low? I mean something is really wrong with ladies of nowadays
Now this is typical; one lady discovers that her boy friend is seeing another girl, she corners the girl in one lonely place and gives her the beating of her life.
To make sure she is properly disgraced, she strips here naked. Some girls are really dumb.
shameless corpersEven the corp members are not left out, guess what is happening here. I can bet my last bucks, this ladies are fighting over a sugar daddy.
Yes, corpers and sugar daddy, the two have become inseparable meanwhile the sugar daddy “dey somewhere dey chill” him no send anybody now.
Wake up ladies, you girls are being taken for a ride and you don’t seem to care. Huh…..
I can go on and on, this is really disgraceful ladies, come on, there are enough men to go round. Some are even ready to take two or three of you home as wives.
Just joking anyway but seriously, my African queens, enough is enough. Enjoy, peace out.

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