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Hallelujah!! Orji Uzo Kalu: The New Martyr Saint (1)

I do not claim to be a boisterous parrot in the analysis of the Nigerian political scenery. Conversely, I am neither a spalax, concealed blindly within a shadowy subterranean universe and lacking the ocular awareness of the reality of the world of political colors.

The Nigerian political culture, so unique in its years of struggling to evolve within the ambiance of tentative incubation; a stage prevailed by vicious and sometimes orchestrated travesty. The Nigerian political arena, no doubt elicits a sense of complete perfidy to many spectators. Did I say spectators? Yes!  That is what majority of us, countrymen and women are—sheer spectators by the side-bench, watching the gladiators of politics in their maligned national theatrical face-offs.


We all know as they say that politics is a game. But when it is played with dints of honesty and transparency, with the interests of ordinary citizens in mind, it becomes democratic and fair game. But in Nigeria, these games have been played constantly by the merge elitist gangs of egoists, whose vicious intents are to fill up the endless gulfs of their malevolent dreams.


In his inaugural address, President Barack Obama, told the world, especially the radical Islamic ideologies that their people will judge them not on what they were able to destroy but on what they are able to built for their people. Could this be applied in the Nigerian political landscape? Yes of course. The discouraged Nigerian citizens would not judge their politicians on how many offices they were able to hold in the cause of their lifetimes but how they were able to pragmatically affect and transform their lives in their day to day existence and survival.


Let us shift attention to the subject matter of this write-up. I have been recently jolted-up to the recent columns of Orji Uzo Kalu on the Daily Sun newspaper. And I have as a matter of careful deciphering come to understand that this man often think that all Nigerians are ignorant, gullible, dim-witted, zombie-like and injudicious. To his information, Nigerians are not bereft of the knowledge of the past. Orji Uzo Kalu has come out to the open to describe himself as the only Saint that Nigeria ever had during the eight years rule of Olusegun Obasanjo. I pose this question to him personally, why all these demonization of Obasanjo now? Why the sudden mouth-purge and diarrhea when you were part of his administration which you now considers the devil that Nigeria ever had? It seems somebody is interested in presidential position. We all know that. But the point is this; criticizing Obasanjo can never lead you anywhere. It will only bring you down because you were part of that administration.

In his most resent article, published in the Daily Sun newspaper dated Saturday March 28, 2009, he categorically branded Obasanjo as the blood sucking Dracula that has given Nigeria the worst nightmares. He wrote. Quote:

“Will Nigerians ever be tired of speaking or writing of the evils of the Olusegun Obasanjo’s regime—a regime that held Nigerians by the jugulars”. He further went ahead to term Obasanjo’s led government as being guilty of “atrocities”.

Let us make every frantic effort to analyze and put together this man’s presumptive external monologue and thoughtless finger pointing of the corrupt “regime”.  Did he forget that? That he too was an accomplice of whatever he is accusing OBJ of hence he was part of his government. If he was an ‘activist’ as he claimed to be of late, what was the bold steps he took to challenge OBJ’s perceived corrupt practices as a governor? If his moral scruples were sound enough, he would have resigned instead of being part of a corrupt government whose policies and programs he responsibly implemented. Simply put, it seems his presidential ambition had put him out-of-favor with his superior maser OBJ. Chekina!


Orji Uzo Kalu has the temerity to mansion that certain persons working with OBJ were, quote: “…hagiographers, cronies and boot-lickers” whom he claimed maligned him for lack of support for OBJ’s third term agenda. If you ask many Nigerians, they will unequivocally tell you that they know one person who was a both a crony and a boot-licker to OBJ’s regime—the former governor of Abia State. A spade is a spade and not something else.


In the ambiance of psychiatric study people who often play the victims are sometimes in a state of ambivalence mirage. This man is now playing the miserable victim of Olusegun Obasanjo’s regime? But has anyone asked why. Nigerians should remind him never to forget that it is actually the ordinary poor and helpless citizens who were the victims. Not the elites and their constituted cronies which Orji Uzo Kalu was one.

 I often wonder why so many politicians are narcissistic, lacking the basic sensitivity of what the people are going through. It then goes a long way to show that many of these people who call themselves leader of thoughts in Nigeria do not identify with the plights of the masses. Orji Uzo Kalu is now soliciting public sympathy from Nigerians as the martyr of the past administration instead of apologizing to the masses that he was part of that vicious cycle that Nigerians continued to talk about even after eight years had passed.
This is what the ex-governor had to say: quote “I still recall very painfully how I was severely maligned…” by Obasanjo. Again he played the notorious victims card when he said, quote: “I suffered enormous personal losses in the hand of Obasnjo…”.  
Nigerians should remind this man, that he never suffered a bit. If he claimed to have suffered, he should know that so many ordinary voiceless Nigerians lived in hell and are still doing so. As a governor, Kalu cannot suffer in the hand of OBJ; he was the elite, a sacred cow, untouched by the day to day African plight. 

Why this is funny is that Orji Uzo Kalu presume Nigerians cannot read in-between the lines. He presumes he could just put anything on paper and everyone would digest it with childish myopia. In his recent writings, he has exposed himself to the world more than his mind could ever imagine. There is what is called “reverse psychology”. Sometimes, when people write or talk about others, a trained mind could easily probe into their personality traits, their mental composure and their divisive calculations.


Orji Uzo Kalu should be careful what he puts on paper in his attempt to solicit sympathy from Nigerians. If Nigeria is a properly functioning society, he could be tracked to account for his past from what he says and write. There is no way for instance that Dick Cheney would expose George Bush. Why?  He was part of his administration. Any criticism of Bush would reverse or bounce back to him too. He would be held accountable just as the boss he served. For instance, when Nazi Germany collapsed, all those who worked with Hitler were given full process of the law. They had the chance to resign or speak out and they did not. Orji Uzo Kalu had forgotten that as part of the Obasanjo’s gulag, there were others in the circle who knew his sins as well including OBJ himself.


Let us again quote his victim mentality clams: quote: “Could anybody ever believe that Obasanjo would treat me the way he did considering the affinity between us before and after his election as president in 1999?”  Waooo!! Is anybody thinking here? Did this man just write that there existed an “affinity” between him and OJB before and after his election? Are you serious? This is the same man who accused some people of being OBJ’s “cronies and boot-lickers”. What is he telling us here?  He too was ‘affiliated’ as “crony and boot-licker before and after” OBJ’s enthronement as president.


In my own conceptual analysis, OBJ’s calculated move for third term was absolutely inimical to Orji Kalu’s yawing ambitiousness for the president of Nigeria. Two full-developed rams cannot drink from the same bowl. His failure to secure the sacred seat triggered an unprecedented blame to the former president. He had considered OBJ as a best friend and somehow was sure he would establish him in the post as the Nigerian president. But as unpredictable as OBJ’s persona could be, he hand-picked Mr. Yar’adua to Orji Kalu’s utter amazement. And everyone knows that ever since, Kalu has resorted to petty criticism and bickering of OBJ as the evil man of the day.


 Again let us explore this man’s reverse psychology and understand from which camp he is speaking out. He wrote in the same issue, quote: “Those who worked closely with us to make Obasanjo president in 1999 knew how much I gave the man to bring him out of abject poverty”. If you mark the statement “…us…make Obasanjo president in 1999…” One would see two things standing out prominently, his arrogance for presumably making OBJ the president of Nigeria. Secondly, a pitiable babyish lament that OBJ in return refused to make him a president. He goes on to say, quote: “The man’s (OBJ) envy and pettiness are unequalled”. The fact in this statement is that OBJ is not envious of Kalu. The reverse is the case; Kalu is simply projecting his feeling towards his former boss. He is actually the one who is envious in every respect since he has taken the vocation of criticizing him publicly. And to understand deeper this unmitigated criticism to OBJ, let us once more look at his venomous comments, quote: “I regret to say that Obasanjo is not a man anybody can trust”. The motif behind this statement could be rephrased thus: ‘I regret after trusting OBJ to make me the president of Nigeria and he failed me’. Therefore he is not a man anybody (Kalu) could trust. In his saintly claims, Kalu portrayed himself as a very innocent man who tells the “world” the truth for the first time. Haba! Hear him, quote “let me tell the world this for the first time to show how dishonest he (OBJ) could be…” In analyzing this warped-minded statement, one would ask Orji Uzo Kalu why tell the world the truth, for the first time about Obasanjo after all these eight years you had discovered him as a corrupt, wicked and evil man. Why now? Why not when you were a governor? Well if he was corrupt and you knew it and kept quiet all these while, you too is guilty of concealing a crime. Simple! Sometimes people talk without evaluating the implication of their statements. 

In Africa, politicians are often void of ideological richness. Thus people who have nothing to contribute to existential human metamorphoses resorts to hankering and bantering about others people in a most infantile manner. Reading this man’s articles lately, I often try to enter and explore his pattern of reasoning and the prognosis of his visionary capabilities. At the end, I am left crestfallen and attempted to categorize him as one of the fairy-tellers in the political chronicles of Nigeria.


My advice to Kalu is to begin to learn to look forward for a better Nigeria. Exhuming Obasanjo’s past might expose him to the toxic radiation of the past mishaps. Let him begin to write about new socio-political and economic idealism that could move Nigeria and indeed Africa forward. Let him invent a theory that could uplift Nigeria from the present global economic recession. In this way, he shall be contributing to human social evolution and advancing the progress of humanity in general. We all know her is interested in becoming the president of Nigeria. You are not telling Nigerians new things about the eight year of OBJ’s led government that they do not already know. This is the era of Obama revolution and I wonder what some of these Nigerian politicians think when they look at this bright African genius.



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