Anambra 2010: 53 Guber aspirants lobby CAN with cars, cash

Ahead of the 2010 gubernatorial polls in Anambra, a total of 53 aspirants across various political parties in the area have sustained their lobby for support on members and officials of Christian Association of Nigerian (CAN) in the state.

Sunday Independent was authoritatively told that some of the gubernatorial aspirants had offered ‘Ghana must Go’ sacks of money while others have been distributing state-of-the-art cars to some CAN members to win their political patronage.

But members of the organization have continued to shun the gift offers, contending that the gubernatorial seat of Anambra State is not for sale they warn that a repeat of the past would not be allowed in the next election.

Disclosing this in Awka at the weekend, during the Old Boys meeting of Merchants of Light College, Oba, the state secretary of CAN in Anambra, Dr. Livy Muonalu of the Salvation Army, said: “Those contesting this position are so many. And if I had wanted to make money out of this election, I would have been too rich now. We have a total of 53 contestants for the gubernatorial seat of Anambra State. We have our records of them all and their bio-data. They have been coming to see me and some other officials of CAN.

“They also believe that if they meet the state secretary of CAN, they have seen the Catholic Bishops, Anglican Bishops and all the churches. You know we have five blocks of CAN, which includes Catholic Secretary of Nigeria (CSN), CPN, and the rest of them.

“All these aspirants are looking for us and trying to lobby us, and settle us. I want you to know that a jeep entered my house recently; a brand new Jeep. But I said absolute no! This is because if you take this from that particular person and later he tells you to handle the church this way or that way and you fail to do it, they will come after you.

“That is the way they have been visiting other executive members of CAN in Anambra. Suddenly one of them would come and kneel before you and commence prayers. One of them came with a large sum of money and we told him that we would not touch the money. Then, he told us to take the money as tithe and we told him to go to his church and pay the tithe and not in people houses.”

According to him, some of the politicians were told that “the era of money politics and gifts has passed”{linkr:related;keywords:anambra;limit:5;title:Related Articles}

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