NIGERIA: Yobo attacks Keshi again

Super Eagles captain, Joseph Yobo Super Eagles captain, Joseph Yobo has branded as a lie the statement credited to Coach Stephen Keshi that he agreed to be invited for some matches and be left out in some.

Speaking yesterday on phone from his Turkey base, a furious Yabo, who is Nigeria’s most-capped player, told STV,  that Keshi was being economical with the truth over the latter’s decision not to invite him for last month’s World Cup qualifier against the Harambee Stars of Kenya in Calabar.

Keshi had reportedly said yesterday that he struck a rotation deal with Yobo, which allowed the  coach to decide which matches to invite his captain  and which to leave him out.

But in  an angry reaction, Yobo said he never had any such arrangement or meeting with Keshi..

“There is absolutely no truth in that statement that Keshi said he called me after the Nations Cup.  He did not call me to say that some games I will play and some games, I would not play. It is absolutely untrue.

“I am on top of my game right now, I am  atop of my career and I am playing in the Europa Cup. If I’m not that good, I won’t be playing in this competition. This is not about football. This is about principles. Why is Keshi trying to make me a part-time player.?  If that is his decision, fine but I’ll not  accept it. I’ll not  respect that decision.  If he feels that he does not need me and he tells me that, I’ll respect that decision. But to say that he called to inform me of his plans, no,  that is not true.

“I cannot agree to be a part-time player for the national team. If I’m not fit to play or good enough to play, I personally would opt out. I have a reputation to protect. Nigeria is so huge , we have so much talents and as a player, its difficult to come out there and put your head out for  competition. So if I am not ready and fit enough, I would say it myself”, added Yobo.

He also said that he was planning a documentary of the many wrong things that happened in the Super Eagles camp at the last Nations Cup and Faro camp.

The Fenerbache defender also defended outcast, Osaze Odemwingie, who had publicly rapped Keshi over the way he was managing the national team.

“Some of the things that Osaze said are actually true. But probably the time he said them and how he said them, were probably not right but the fact is that he said the truth”, he said.

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