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Many in the world are heralding the dawn of an “African Millennium”. Culturally and politically, Africa is poised to undergo more changes and wield more influence in the world than ever before. However, much of what is visually documented about Africa is a view from outside, seen through eyes that are not African and, in some cases, not Africa friendly. Only if Africans can present their stories to the world will Africa gain renewed respect and authentically express her promising future. Our mission is to provide a global voice for Africans to tell their own stories to the world.

About Codewit

Codewit.com is a news department of Codewit Global Network. An international grassroots Movement which aims to promote youth education, democracy and human rights in Africa. The service maintains international news, features and analysis from Africa and has correspondents in almost 10 countries. The organisation  believes that sound education  would teach people particularly African youths to understand and challenge the present problems in their communities and search for an African solution.

Codewit Global Network also use technology in innovative ways to further social change or voice our dissent on the wide range of issues affecting Africa. We believe that mental emancipation  is a key foundation to realizing African economic determinism and political freedom.

To achieve this,we discuss extensively issues that will benefit the growth of African continent. We campaign that every African youth should be given an equal opportunity of obtaining basic education as a key weapon to fight for a new Africa. We promote and facilitate the development of an active inter-related, progressive African community through networking, culture and electronic technology. Our organization draws its inspiration through the formation of strategic alliances with other sectors of society facing oppression, such as our African society, racial minorities, women, youths, peasant and other dispossessed people in our continent.

As the world moved on with the rapid growth of information and technology revolution which is the driving force of the process of globalization, Codewit Global Network employs this resource as its primary medium to educate and provide her audience especially Africans with up-to-date information and knowledge that is necessary to prepare our next generation for a better Africa. “Online Technology Gives Codewit Activist Real Power to Change the Status Quo – Without Taking to the Streets”

Codewit Global Network is one of the members of the battalion of the mighty force of the continental movement for change and renaissance. We strive to resolve some of the prevalent social, political and economic issues currently facing Africa today. We strive to achieve this by building a solid network of political and human rights activists who will turn the future of our continent with new ideas and views.

Codewit Global Network also promotes and enriches the public with Africa enormous blessings, achievements & challenges by trying to showcase the aspirations, successes and concerns of Africa and Africans in Diaspora. By honoring these distinguished and gallant Africans today, we are confirming this long held view that out of Africa comes excellence. By reporting on the positive images of Africa without glossing over the negatives we are in a small way making a dent against Afro-pessimism so dominant out there.

Our Mission is to help build economically stable and productive societies in African communities by ensuring access to self-sustaining educational centers for its citizens. And to establish functional literate communities in Africa to bridge the gap between poverty and prosperity.

Codewit Global network brings people together to share information across the global non-profit community, and help create alliances. By working together, we can work smarter, and use our resources more efficiently and effectively.

Our Core Commitments
Codewit Global Network is about understanding each other, building bridges, creating friendships, and celebrating the rich dimensions contained within the global community. We enable connectivity and networking, the exchange of services or information between different individuals, groups, companies, or institutions. Our core commitments involve the following:

Youth leadership
Codewit engage in fostering the ability to lead in youth to empower them to fully participate in society. Through our network, we devote our resources in the practice of teaching, imparting knowledge, and providing instruction in leadership skills to youth in the community, to empower them to organize and lead community activities.

Youth capacity building
Codewit Global Network participate in developing the skills and potential of youth to take the lead in their own development and the development of their communities by enhancing their expertise and awareness about relevant issues and their community, such as youth training on cultural diversity.

Youth education and empowerment

In Codewit Network community, we participate in the activity of educating, teaching, training, and imparting knowledge, ideas, and skills to children and youth, both within the formal education system and informally to give youth the skills to be empowered to fully participate in society.

Youth participation
We are involved in addressing the ability of children and youth to actively participate in community, local, and national institutions, and to encourage youth to tackle social, cultural, and economic barriers to civic and democratic participation. Effective civic participation of youth strengthens institutions and empowers youth to be leaders within their communities.

Child and youth protection
Codewit Global Network encourages our society to protect children and youth from threats, be it physical abuse or lack of access to basic needs such as food, and to protect the rights of children to be free from harm.

Community participation

Codewit Global Network promotes the ability and creates opportunities for community members to participate directly in the decision-making activities that steer the development of the community. Participating in community decisions gives ownership to community members and empowers people to develop their own community

Children’s health
Codewit emphasize on improving children’s access to health care in Africa, educating families about children’s health, and working on issues of health that are specific to children, such as the impact of environmental pollutants on child development, immunization, HIVs and AIDS, asthma, child obesity, and health education for children that will enable them to make healthier lifestyle choices for their health in the future

Cultural diversity

Codewit describes the differences in race, ethnicity, language, nationality, beliefs, values, religion, and the variety of human cultures within a community, organization, nation, or region. We engage in the practice of enhancing the acceptance, tolerance, and understanding of cultural differences within a community, organization, country, or region.

Social justice education
Codewit Global Network participate in the activity of educating, teaching, training, and imparting knowledge, ideas, and skills to people about the concept that community and state activity should be based on just and equitable treatment of all people regardless of color, race, socioeconomic class, gender, age, or sexual preference.

Democracy education

Codewit community also engage in the activity of educating, teaching, training, and imparting knowledge and ideas to people about the concepts of democracy, including ideas about civic participation and people’s rights within a democratic state.

Community service and volunteerism

In Codewit , we invite all members to volunteer in creating the change Africa need by encouraging and facilitating community members to give their time to impart their knowledge and offer their skills, talents, and effort to contribute to a more cohesive and strong community

Become a Member

Codewit activist serves as the conscience for nations, reminding people in times of turmoil of the founding ideals of their countries and the aspirations of all people for justice, dignity, and equality. If you share the same vision as we do. If you have what it takes to contribute towards the change that we believe in.  If you want to help to educate our future leaders and to promote African image to the world. If you want to bring social change and assist in toppling powerful dictatorships and military juntas. if you want the wars and conflicts tormenting our people to be ended. Join us now as we match towards a realization of a new Africa. We can not do it alone. Your voice and opinion count.


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