Manchester City fans return Arsenal tickets

Manchester City have returned almost a third of their away ticket allocation for Sunday’s clash at Arsenal due to high prices.

The match, which is also being broadcast live in England, comes in the Category A bracket and is therefore given the highest ticket cost for Arsenal’s Premier League games, with away fans needing to pay 62 pounds for entry.

City were given a 3,000 ticket allocation for the match, but have returned 912, and the club’s supporters have hit out at the growing disconnect between clubs and fans.

The general secretary of the Manchester City Supporters Club, Kevin Parker, told The Guardian: “It’s the most expensive amount I can ever remember paying for a ticket in my life, for a Sunday afternoon game which is live on satellite television.

“And it’s not as if finding a television to watch the game on is difficult nowadays. Even if the game wasn’t live, to charge 62 pounds to watch it is ridiculous, but to charge that amount when people can see it live on TV is crazy.

“It just shows that football clubs are out of touch with reality. If City supporters are travelling on a supporters’ club coach it will cost 30 pounds per person. That’s 92 pounds before they have even done anything; add in a programme, food, drink and you are looking at 125-130 pounds per person.

“There are a combination of things at play here. Some people cannot afford the price, especially as it is just after Christmas, and there are some who just refuse to pay 62 pounds.

“This is also the first time in a long while that I remember City fans saying to me they could pay the money but are refusing to do so.

“That is a brave decision to take. Soon, though, fans will vote more strongly with their feet and clubs like Arsenal will have to decide what to do about ticket prices.”

City have not won a league game at Arsenal in 27 attempts and will attempt to claim three points for the first time since 1975.


Source: punchng.com

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