Nigeria: Federation election, NSC drops government nominees

As the fresh election guidelines and timetable are being drawn up for the national sports federations, The PUNCH can confirm that the National Sports Commission will no longer pick any candidate designated as government nominee. In the past elections, the Ministry of Sports usually listed at least a candidate for each federation who would later be  elected president of the federation while the other candidates were elected from the zones and other approved affiliates.

But on Tuesday, the Minister of Sports, Mr. Bolaji Abdullahi, told out correspondent in an exclusive interview that the government was taking a different stand with the 2013 elections.

He said, “There would be no government nominees. Ours is to set out clearly the eligibility guidelines and ensure they are strictly followed. The principle here is to grant greater autonomy while enhancing efficiency, internal democracy and accountability.”

The NSC on Monday announced that the secretaries of the federations/associations are to be withdrawn and redeployed to the Commission to pave the  way for the employment of new secretaries from outside the government setting by the federation in what is explained as a bid to give them greater autonomy.

The minister, who was on his way to Portugal to visit the Super Eagles in camp preparatory to the 2013 Africa Nations Cup, said that there were other fresh ideas being injected to make the federations more professionally run.

“Talking about innovation, which is also pursuant to these principles, is the new funding system, which includes a Conditional Grant Transfer. This will work through a dedicated pot of fund that will be accessed only by federations that are able to meet predefined conditionality,” he said.

No date has been fixed for the general elections but the tenure of the current boards of the federations will expire this year. They were elected into offices in 2009 for four-year terms.


Source: punchng.com

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