Moyes nurses German ambition

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Everton manager David Moyes has revealed his ambition to one day coach in the Bundesliga.

Having joined Everton in 2002, Moyes is currently the third longest serving manager in the English Premier League.

The Scot’s achievements with Everton have led him to be widely touted for a top Premier League job in the future, but the 49-year-old admits he dreams of a job abroad when he leaves Goodison Park.

“I always had the hope of being a coach abroad,” Moyes told France Football.

“If I had the choice I would probably go to Germany. In part because of the mentality, which is similar to mine.

“I’m also fascinated by what happens in German football. They seem to have found a way of producing young players.”

Moyes used the rise of Juergen Klopp’s Borussia Dortmund as an example of how top Bundesliga sides are beginning to have a big impact in European competition.

“Look at Borussia Dortmund,” Moyes said.

“I saw them against Manchester City this season. They were fantastic. They put this incredible intensity on their opponents to break the tempo. It adds a new tactical level.”

The former Preston North End manager also said he would be interested in learning about the game in South America.

“If I was not working as a coach, I think I would decide to go to South America,” Moyes said. “To Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, to see how they train young people out there.

“That would be my project – to understand football better.”

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