The beatitudes of African youth

Blessed are the youth, for theirs is the earth and all therein.
Blessed are the youth-in-mind, for theirs is the heritage of a new social order.
Blessed are the mentally alert, for theirs is the heritage of a society which calls a spade a spade.
Blessed are those who have a social vision, for they shall leave their footprints in the sand of time for prosperity to cherish.
Blessed are those who are not self-opinionated, for they shall be lauded by prosperity.
Blessed is the New Africa, for it is the heaven of those who know the have a rendezvous with life.
Blessed are you, Renascent African, when Old Africa shall castigate the signs of the new order and shall concoct all forms of accusations against you falsely; rejoice and be glad, for prosperity shall appreciate and realize your dreams.
Blessed are the evangelists of the New Africa, who go from place to place, debating with the scribes and Pharisees and Sadducees of the Old Africa, for they lay the foundations for a new social order which is intangible and immutable and inevitable.
Blessed are the youth of Renascent Africa, who refuse to take a backseat on the saddle of the institutions of their society, for by exposing the graft, corruption, chicanery and incompetency of the Old Africa, They would carve their names immortal in the annals of New Africa.
Blessed are the youths of Renascent Africa, who have volunteered to exterminate all the bad relics of the Old Africa, to make way for the New Africa, for they have a rendezvous with life, and shall walk with God and shall see God.
Blessed are the youth of Renascent Africa, who refuse to be intimidated, brow-beaten, cowed, mocked, and mobbed by the Old Africa, for they shall grow stronger and sounder in spirit and in body.
Blessed are the youth of Renascent Africa, who see in truth a virtue or virtues, and sacrifice even life so that false hood and its concomitants may be eradicated from the face of the earth, for they shall be replenished with knowledge and wisdom.
Blessed are you, heroes and heroines of Renascent Africa, for you are men and women of destiny, and no force, however potent or subtle, shall deter you from your goal-the crystallization of the New Africa.
Blessed are the brave and courageous of Renascent Africa, for they shall be heirs to the constructive heritage of the Old Africa.
Blessed are the youth in mind, for theirs is the heritage of a new social order

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