Abba Yola: I Have No Quarrel with My Removal

Chairman of the dissolved board of Kano Pillars FC, Alhaji Abba Abdullahi Yola, said last night that he was not surprised at the decision to relieve him of the job. He insisted that instead of putting the blame of the team’s failure in the first round of the CAF Champions League on anybody, he would rather thank the state governor, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso for the opportunity given to him to serve.
“The news of the dissolution of the Kano Pillars Football Club board that I serve as chairman today did not come to me as a surprise but rather I want to thank the state governor, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, for the opportunity to serve the state,” observed the former National Sports Commission (NSC) director.
While also insisting that he would rather not join issues with those who worked towards the dissolution of the board, Abba Yola said that the achievements of his team speak volume.
“I will not like to join issues with those that made the announcement.  The record of our performance within the period we served is there for all to see.  Winning the league shield as well as maintaining the club’s position in the nation’s soccer scene, was one our mandates and we delivered on that promise,” he noted.
  The former Kano Pillars board chairman pointed at the sponsorship drive of his team which resulted in several multi-million Naira deals with both Globacom and sportswear giants, kappa.
“We were able to open a new door of sponsorship for the club with our deals with telecommunication giant, Globalcom, worth millions of Naira as well as signing a Memorandum of Understanding for sponsorship for Kano Pillars in services, cash and kind.
“This gave rise to Gsports to bring in Kappa to kit the club running into millions of Naira.
I believe this will benefit the club greatly in its quest to gain financial independence, an area the sports loving governor Kwankaso did emphasised on when we came into office,” stressed the football administrator.
On the events that led to the ouster of the team from the CAF Champions League, Abba Yola, said the truth will be made known to Nigerians at a later date.
“The events that led to our participation in the CAF Championships on both away and home legs is better imagined than said. At the right time, Nigerians will know who said what and did what that led to the team’s ouster from the competition. At no level, did we as a board  not acted responsibly to the supervising ministry and government authority that we were answerable to.We will allow posterity to do the judgment on any wrong doings as claimed in the reason for the dissolution of the board,” concludes Abba Yola even as he enjoined the team’s supporters to continue their love for Pillars.

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