President Obama Tells Iran To Call Back Their Atlantic Ocean Boats Or He’ll Blow Them Out of The Water

WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Obama has sent a very strongly worded message to the Iranian government.
The president informed Iranian President Hassan Rouhani that he will not play games with Iran and he had better call back his boats or else they will be blown the hell out of the water and the only thing left will be the faint smell of camel hair.
President Obama has said that if Iran wants to play games maybe they should sail towards North Korea and play with Kim Jong Un and see if he doesn’t sink their boats before they can say, “Oops.”
The president called up Russian President Putin and told him that the Iranian boats are nothing more than teacup Chihuahuas compared to the pit bull naval vessels of the United States navy.
SIDENOTE: President Putin told President Obama to go ahead and sink the little bratty boats and then together Russia and the United States can turn Iran into the biggest parking lot on Earth.

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