The Sultry and Sexy Maria Sharapova Spotted At The Sochi Winter Olympics

SOCHI, Russia – One of the world’s greatest and prettiest tennis players Maria Sharapova was spotted at The XXII Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.
The 6-foot-2-inch tall Sharapova was interviewed by Rufus Reno with Sports Balls Illustrated Daily. The long-legged beauty was asked how she was enjoying the Olympic games.
She blushed and said that she had not really been able to see as much of the Olympics as she would like due to the fact that she was filming a commercial with the Olympics games as a backdrop.
Sharapova, who is noted for her very loud on court grunting, replied that the commercial was for Gatorade.
She giggled as she said that she was also having a great time with her boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov.
Maria grinned and said that he and her were having their own Olympic games at the mansion that they had rented.
Sharapova winked at Reno and told him that so far Gregor has won 9 medals…all of them gold!

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