2014 World Cup: Ban Eagles from sex, Chukwu charges Keshi

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As the Super Eagles prepare to face the world at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, the team’s former head coach, Christian Chukwu has advised the current manager, Stephen Keshi to ensure that his wards stay away from sex before and during the competition.

Chukwu, a one-time skipper of the Super Eagles and manager of the Kenya national team, disclosed that the only sure way to achieve success in Brazil is total discipline of players, dedication and respect to the rules and regulations of the camp, stressing that in his days as player and coach in the team, that sex was a taboo to him.

The former captain of Rangers Football Club gave this charge in an interview with this reporter.

On the the level of preparation he envisages for the Eagles ahead of the World Cup in Brazil, Chukwu said, “As a major stakeholder in the game, every Nigerian expects nothing less than the best preparation ever. The World Cup is not for rookies or disco dancers, it is for senior boys that are ready to stake their careers for the passion and love they have for the round leather game and at the same time make money and name for themselves.

Is like a war front, when you are preparing for a war against an opponent, you have to make sure that everything that you have to win the war is in proper shape so that you will not give your enemies the chance to over power your squad. So for our country to excel at the World Cup, we must put in everything, our build-up for the championship must be of a high standard.

Yes, we have world class players that can match the likes of Messi, Gerrard, Ronaldo, Juan Mata among others, but they must be ready to put their pride aside, obey their managers, play as one united side, avoid selfish game, and above all be totally disciplined. Because without discipline, there is no two ways to victory. They must as a matter of fact prove to the world that they are true African champions. Their qualifications was not a fluke, they must know that they are wearing the colours of the country, and must do something to make the country that has made them proud, because without the country called Nigeria, they would not be where they are today.

Another sure way to achieve success in the 2014 World Cup competition is for the entire technical crew to have an eye on the players, there are certain things the players must keep away from like sex,we did it during our own time. In my days as a player even as a coach, I made it a point of duty to stay away from women, because sex has a lot of spiritual things attached to it. So if Stephen Keshi and his crew can keep close eyes on these players by making sure that they keep away from sex totally, they will do very well.

Asked if he is  comfortable with Keshi and his style of coaching thus far, he retorted, “Yes. Keshi has done very well with the national team since he came on board as Eagles manager. Again he has enjoyed a lot of support from Nigerians, so I would urge him to continue with his good job and should not give chance to people to mislead him. One thing I want him to know is that our bench is not as good as the main squad, he must shop for good players that can make up his bench, for instance, he should be able to have a player as good as John Mikel Obi on the

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