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Welcome to Internet Networking Class.  I hope you will find the contents here useful and informative.
This Course is Online Based and run throughout the Year. In this Course You will  :

  1. Gain a comprehensive technical introduction to TCP/IP.
  2. Learn how to  Configure hosts and access internetworks using TCP/IP protocols
  3. Identify the role of each TCP/IP components
  4. Use all major TCP/IP application services including: FTP, TELNET, HTTP and NFS
  5. Avoid common internetworking problems 
  6. Troubleshoot TCP/IP networks using protocol analysis techniques 
  7. Employ popular Internet/intranet tools: FTP, Web browsers, WWW and others
  8. Get extensive hands-on exercises which provides you with  the practical experience you need to configure a host, employ TCP/IP tools, use application services and access TCP/IP-based internetwork.

Who Should Attend It:
The course is designed for College and university students offering any Networking. However,
Anyone working with TCP/IP protocols, or involved in developing or migrating to TCP/IP networks or accessing Internet services.


Familiarity with local area network concepts and either Windows or UNIX is helpful.

Hands-On Training Exercises:
You are expected to do the exercises on the course to test your ability. All the
exercises throughout this course provide practical experience with TCP/IP internetworking issues and services, including:

   1. Deploying protocol analysis techniques for Internet protocols: IP, ARP, TCP, UDP and HTTP
   2. Solving duplicate IP address problems
   3. Troubleshooting IP configuration problems
   4. Building internets with IP routers: configuration and testing
   5. Troubleshooting TCP/IP networks with ICMP and ping
   6. Exploiting FTP and TELNET
   7. Performing detailed protocol analysis of FTP sessions
   8. Decoding HTTP traffic

Thanks Hope you will enjoy the course

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