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Astronauts bumped up to first class for another NASA first

Houston, Texas – – US astronauts will be flying at an unprecedented level of comfort and style, thanks to a new agreement between NASA and Russian space shuttle operator Retro Rocket. The upgraded International Space Station package brings first-class service to space travel for the first time. Round-trip tickets to the station had originally cost […]

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The Looted Funds from Nigeria Have Found Other Destinations

“Nigerian treasury looters have found new destinations for their loot: Persian Gulf, India and China. This revelation came from former United States Ambassador to Nigeria, Ambassador John Campbell, one of the speakers at the 2010 Achebe Colloquium on Africa,” a Nigerian newspaper, This Day reported two days ago, Sunday 5th of December 2010. According to […]

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Ken and Sankara: Africa should demonstrate its Innocence

This is an extract from the research, “UNDERDEVELOPMENT IN AFRICA: My Hands Are Clean”, as was published on the 10th of November 2010. Images and footnotes are omitted; to know more about this (216 pages) research, see the book at, and at –Thomas Sankara (Burkina Faso) And Ken Saro-Wiwa (Nigeria)– “It was […]


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