Young Women beware when Submitting for Internships at Entertainment Companies

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I got this letter from a young lady in pain and felt the need to publish this as a safekeeping for other young women..This is from another young woman’s experience.

Hi Hillary can you please help me? My name is Bl*** and I am really grieving right now, listed below is images and my experience as an Intern at this Miami based rappers studio..

these are the fake emails he uses to lure interns and teen girls beware he is a DANGER to women and girls safety! He is rather strange and creepy as well, talks in total slang and lives in this PIMP world.

website: www.mcklezie.comtwitter: McKleziemyspace: 

I am an up and coming singer and sign to work with Andre (aka Stage McCloud, Stage Mcklezie or and his company Grind Mode Entertainment.  I moved to Miami a few months out of high school to pursue my dream and work with someone I thought was a seasoned individual in this business.  I spent late nights in the studio with Stage and thought he was really going to help me considering he provided me with a place to stay when I moved there and all basic needs were taken care of. I shared the home with two other girls but I got to focus on my music and even completed a record we never released or promoted. Beware he is a sexual predator and a dishonest business man, I signed up to do business with him and he could not keep it professional or respectful, I tried to work with him and  his business to help me grow in this industry . He became increasingly abusive and violent. I want to warn all young girls to think twice before working with this man, he is violent, has a split personality, dis-respectful, and abusive towards women. All I wanted to do was grow and learn about the Entertainment industry as a new artist and I had to be subjected to OVERT sexual advances and abuse from him.   He spent so much time trying to get close to me, I rarely was without him. At first I thought it was a protective manner because I was in a new city and new to the industry.  He never intended for me to expand or become anymore than what I already was. This man didn’t invite me to do music…he wanted to pimp me!!!!!!! This man may have had a past but he has no future. Music is a front for what he does. He is a violent fake rapper that has  no future.. please be advised.

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