Please Don’t tell my mother that I wish Alison dead

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(Codewit News) Seriously I don’t know what I have become. I was raised a good catholic kid and taught to pray for and visit the sick. I remember how we used to visit Sancta Maria Clinic, owned by the brilliant Dr Eziegbo, to pray for the sick. I grew up with this good habit: praying for the sick and even the dead. But back then I never heard of any sick woman caught with over 13 billion pounds, nobody told me of a sick lady connected to an unresolved missing 20 billion dollars.

So when our erstwhile Minister of Petroleum, the almighty Alison Madueke announced she was suffering from cancer and ask for our prayers I was surprised I couldn’t pray. I swear I tried to pray but I couldn’t pray. I saw her sick picture posted on the internet, then I knelt down to pray… I knelt down there for a while in that quite Abuja night to say my night prayers and sprinkle an “O-God-heal-her” in my prayers for Alison but I couldn’t. Rather I was consume with deep questions.

I don’t understand the timing of this cancer coinciding with her arrest for money laundering in London. Is somebody trying to play politics with disease with us? Is somebody trying to milk our ever ready reservoir of fetish emotions for the sick and dead? Is this sudden announcement of cancer designed to get an “eyah” instead of the well-deserved “crucify her”? Something is just not right. But I can’t pinpoint it.

I knelt down there, thinking. My kneeling down there in prayers was symbolic of where corruption has brought the masses of this nation: on their knees; scavenging for survival as we hear daily of massive amounts of money stolen from us, amounts that make us shiver, amounts that make us wonder if these men and women are actually thieves or mentally deranged folks. I kneel down there in prayers, for millions of Nigerians prayers is all we have. Prayer has become our only hope and our biggest curse. For a nation that does nothing but pray will never rise above its knees.

Prayers. Alison knows this is all we have, maybe that is why she is trying to use it against us. Every day we pray for the enemies of Nigeria to ‘Fall and die”; anyone who steals billions from our treasury is surely an enemy of Nigeria. Alamsiegha is dead and now she has cancer. Has the falling and dying begun? Is God answering our prayers? Is she asking us to contract our prayer point with this new one? I don’t know, and since I don’t know I had better not pray. I don’t want to offend God in a bid to confuse him with conflicting prayer points. If you O God has begun the falling of our enemies, let your will be done; if it is not you, then please God we are still waiting for you to begin. Take time out of your busy schedule and fall our enemies O God. But I can’t pray for Alison, she looks too much like the enemies we have been asking God to destroy for me to pray for her healing. Please don’t tell my mother.

As I kneel down there a fleeting wish crossed my mind. Tufiakwa! How can I think such black thought? My mother will kill me if she finds out. Even my co prayer warriors will destroy me with prayers and Bible verses if they find out about these thought. Even the suffering masses will not agree with me: for no one should wish another person dead. But I’m afraid it just crossed my mind. I’m sorry I can’t help it.

Many persons have been killed due to poor power cable connections in this country. If it is true that Alison stole billions of dollars and pounds… money that should have been used to provide power for all us, then I wish her to “fall and die”… please don’t tell my mother.

I remember how vibrant Nigerian youths lost their lives in the immigration job scam. If Alison truly stole those billions of naira that would have been used to provide jobs for us, then I’m sorry I wish her to “fall and die”… please don’t tell my mother.

To all of you looters of our commonwealth, we are still praying. You have taken our freedoms but in our prayer closet we still have the freedom to choose our prayer points. Thank God I’m not God. God will do what he likes. But I will pretend no more and I will never allow myself to be an abject of emotional blackmail in the hands of enemies of Nigeria.

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