Obianuju Chiamaka Amamgbo

Obianuju Chiamaka Amamgbo



Obianuju Chiamaka Amamgbo hails from Ihiala in Anambra state. The third child in a family of six, she developed an interest in writing at an early age and was encouraged by her family. Her flair for languages led her to obtain a BA in Linguistics from the prestigious University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Due to her job requirement and interest in IT, she bagged an M.Sc. in Management of IT from The University of Nottingham, the UK, where she currently resides.

A creative and hard-working lady, her love for arts and creativity led her to learn the art of bead-making and drawing occasionally. She loves reading detective novels and writes poems occasionally. In writing, she is more interested in issues about nation-building, youth and development, education, family and self-building, all geared towards restoring the dignity of man. She writes for Nigeria Village Square.

Obianuju published her first novel Tears on Her Pillow in 2007 and plans to embark on another soon.

For recreation, she plays scrabble, listens to music, and watches movies and sports she is an Arsenal fan. She also loves surfing the web.

Her dream and aspiration is to make the world a better place through her writing in her own little way. She loves acts of humanity. She is a strong believer in change, equality and fairness