Chinedu Vincent Akuta

Chinedu Vincent Akuta



Chinedu Vincent Akuta lives in Leicester, United Kingdom. Presently a lecturer with Leicester International College, UK. Considers himself a village boy. Had BSc Economics in 1994 from Nnamdi Azikiwe University. Awka, Nigeria. In 2000, he obtained an MBA degree from, Lagos State University OJO Lagos. In 2001, he obtained M.Sc. in Economics from the University of Lagos Nigeria.

On arrival in the United Kingdom, he obtained another M: sc in International Relations from the Department of Politics, International Relations and European Studies. Loughborough University, UK While in Nigeria, he founded two companies (Vac Concepts Ltd, and Vac Travels and Tours Ltd). Currently sponsoring a charity project in Nigeria called Vac Scholarship Scheme. He is a member of the Amnesty International Leicester branch, a member of Transparency International UK branch, and a member of Chatham House, UK.

He is an activist and political commentator on Nigerian issues. As a writer, his articles/writings have been published by many Nigerian newspapers and internet media. Supported National Conscience Party in Nigeria. Currently, the leader of Support Option A4 Group, Leicester, United Kingdom.