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Igbo perception of their world -Chp3

Igbo world-view is significant in understanding the Igbo man and his identity, his vision and his mission in the world.

The Igbo traditional understanding of the world and reality as a whole is religious and holistic. The universe is conceived of a cyclical order as the seasons of the year, the sun, the moon, the stars and natural events in general repeat themselves in an interminable way. Mircea Elide calls this repetitive order in nature as the “myth of eternal return” (1959). This ordered succession symbolized harmony, persistence and dynamism. This order must not be disrupted in the Universe in which the different levels of space as perceived are inhabited.

A critical look at the Igbo world — view would throw light on the rationale for man’s insistence on maintaining the delicate balance or cordial relationship between him and the spirit beings in the spirit world as well as ensure the maximum success of his life on earth

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