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My husband loves what I wear; I don’t dress to please anyone – Stephanie Benson

My husband loves what I wear; I don’t dress to please anyone – Stephanie Benson

Sexy Ghanaian musician Stephanie Benson has laughed off several criticisms about her dressing stating she does not dress to please anyone.

Stephanie, who is a sister to songstress Akosua Agyapong, has over the years received a lot of flak from sections of the public over her “provocative” dressing with some saying her fashion sense is an affront to Ghanaian culture.

The musician has been spotted at several events revealing more than necessary and her dressing most often raises eyebrows wherever she goes.

Reacting to the constant flak she has suffered at the hands of Ghanaians, the bubbly singer told in an interview that her dressing is informed by her feelings and she is not perturbed by the criticisms.

“I can just go out and be covered to my neck and wear boots [but] sometimes I feel like wearing a short skirt. You should go with whatever you are feeling at the time. If I feel good, I want to be wearing what makes me feel good,” she noted.

According to her, her choice of cloths is “not really about anybody else; I am not dressing to please anybody I dress to please myself. I’m married, I have five children [and] I am entitled to wear whatever I want to wear if it looks really ridiculous, my husband will tell me…

“He loves what I wear so for that reason I don’t really care much what anybody has to say. I don’t go over the top. Some of the see through things, [I usually wear] are body stalking.”

Stephanie stressed that, “I am pass people judging me. To be honest with you I really don’t care. People need to accept me for who I am. I’m just one of those people that do what they want to do. I’ve been married for 25 years and never cheated on my husband [and] I have five children who are very successful.”

She observed that people are always worried about what others are thinking about them “and that affects our music too,” but stressed that, Ghanaians need to be a little bit accommodating.

The sexy musician urged people not to be quick in judging others due to what they wear, stressing some persons who seem decent with their dressing could be “stupid.”

Touching on accusations that she is a total deviation from her sister, Akosua Agyapong, who sings gospel music, she noted that while they are related, it will be wrong for people to compare their personalities. Her sister, Stephanie added, does “come to me to dress her.”

Singing for the British Royal Family

My husband loves what I wear; I don’t dress to please anyone – Stephanie Benson

Stephanie Benson


Stephanie Benson started showing her music prowess at a tender age of three and after taking several lessons in music, her commercial music life started as a support act for some music stars.

Due to her talent, she had a rare opportunity to perform at “a function for Princess Ann and it was an outdoor event. I think it was after that event that I got this call to come and do this event for Prince Charles and it was quite an honour.”

According to her, she was only supposed to perform for 15 minutes for Prince Charles, heir apparent of Queen Elizabeth II, but ended up performing for about an hour “because he won’t let me leave the stage.”

Prince Charles is quoted to have told the Ghanaian musician that: “You are one of the most amazing performers I've ever seen.”

Stephanie went on to perform at several private events for the Royal family including a gig for Prince William before he got married to Kate Middleton in April 29, 2011.

Albums and the future

The bubbly musician’s first album, Now is the Time, got to number 22 on the UK Charts. While she believes she could have done better, Stephanie explained that, “I didn’t do much promotion and I had had children,” by then so it was hard for her to promote the album.

Last year, she released Hanging On, a single she said reached number five on the world charts. In all, she said she has six albums to her credit but she is known for only two – which she said she promoted well.

New singles

Stephanie Benson has released two hot singles – Good Feeling and Goodbye – onto the Ghanaian music scene.

She explained that, Good Feeling was inspired by a story of a woman “who wants to break and do something really odd. Her relationship is not going so well, she wants to have an exciting life so she does something crazy.”

Interestingly, that story was inspired by a friend’s real life story.

Goodbye, on the other hand, is about “deciding to say bye-bye to that bad relationship because sometimes we hold onto negative emotions for so long and if you are in a relationship that is not good for you, you need to find your way out of it if you can’t make it work.”

She has released a sizzling video for Good Feeling and disclosed that Ghanaians should expect the video for Goodbye soon.

Giving back to society

Stephanie Benson disclosed to that all is set for her to start a school to teach aspiring musicians free of charge.

The school, Benson Entertainment Production Institute (BEP), she explained will groom up and coming musicians and also give them the needed help to achieve their potential.

BEP, located at the Spintex Road is almost at completion stage; it will teach young talents the art of singing, production, song writing, and engineering. She plans to invite tutors from across the world to teach the students.

The school will, in the future, give lessons in movies to prospective students.

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