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NIGERIA: ‘Keke Marwa’ Is The New Wedding Get-away Cars

groom and bride in KEKEIt appears Keke Marwa is the rage now as wedding get-away cars for Naija brides and their groom (tongue in cheek). The photo is proof.. I posted another one here a few weeks ago, where a bride was getting off one of the popular tricycles with help from her chief bridesmaid.. Seems funny right? Well, can't say I understand the reasoning behind this too, you would think a bride that can afford a bridal gown as lovely as the one spotted on the chick would have enough to pay to rent a cool ride for her big day, but then who am I to judge? So, I gotta ask, will you be using 'Keke Marwa' on your wedding day? Conveying you and your groom/bride to your wedding.


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