The Reason for the Season

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It’s here again – Christmas. Whao! Everyone is in a festive mood now. Done with Christmas shopping – clothes, enough to eat and drink? Bet you are. The roads are quite busy now with lots of families taking trips back to their hometowns.

People and places to visit have been arranged. Lots of weddings and family reunions are on the way. Yes, I smell typical Christmas in the air.

The same spirit is everywhere. In Europe for instance Christmas trees of different sizes decorate every home, street and shop. Wrapped presents are hidden in unseen corners of the house waiting to be discovered on Christmas eve. Streets are beautifully decorated with the feeling of Christmas. Santa is definitely going around cheering people up. Lots of goodies to eat and drink, and be merry – the spirit of Christmas.

In the middle of all these I was struck by the fact that while some families are really having fun, some people really need to be cheered up. While we spend so much money shopping and getting into the festive mood, let us take time and discover those who our little act of kindness will make their Christmas unforgettable. That is the true spirit of Christmas – bringing joy and gladness to those who cannot afford it. They deserve to feel what you feel.

What is the Reason for the Season?

The Reason for the Season is found here


For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes

in Him shall not perish but have eternal life – John 3:16


Therefore the spirit of Christmas from the above verse is demonstrated in LOVE, GIVING, GENEROSITY, SELFLESSNESS, HOPE, ASSURANCE, PEACE – you name it.


Christmas is all about LOVE – God so loved the world

Christmas is all about GIVING – God gave His only Son

Christmas is all about GENEROUSITY – He generously gave His prized possession (His Son) Christmas is all about SLEFLESSNESS – It was His only Son He gave

Christmas is all about HOPE – Giving His prized possession brought hope to mankind

Christmas is all about ASSURANCE – Knowing how much He loved us

Christmas is all about PEACE – His love gives us perfect peace.

The reason for the season is for us to reach out to the un-reached in love, kindness, and care just like He did for us. Do an Act of Kindness and Gladden someone’s day. So get into your wardrobe and give out that clothe you have not worn for six months. Give out that shoe, toys and invite people over to share with you in love. Take time to visit those in special homes and just have fun with them. Show love to people and let reason for the season be alive everywhere.


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