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Adults Make Baby Smoke Cigarettes And Drink Alcohol Telling ‘This Is What Being A Man Is All About!’

We’ve been seeing many parenting fails on different social media sites. Though some are quite hilarious and forgivable, some crossed the line to the extent of abusing a child. Recently, a shocking video showing two men making a child smoke and drink alcohol has gone viral and sparked an outrage among social media viewers.

A concerned netizen named Daniel Tecu from Romania posted the footage on Facebook and asked people to identify the two adults in the video. The clip shows a Romanian guy sitting with a little boy on his lap and laughing while the other guy is filming, as both of them encourage the boy to smoke and drink beer.

The man holding the boy puts the cigarette in the child’s mouth to puff then lets the boy take a drink before making him puff again.

But it didn’t stop there, the man who seems to be the father puts a new cigarette on the boy’s mouth while the other man tries to light it.



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