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10 Types Of People You’ll Probably Meet At Shoprite

1. The petty shopper: These type of people are usually seen after shopping with a blueband butter and u wonder if that they can’t be gotten from mallam Audu beside your house

2. The cameraman: you see this people snaping like the are contesting for paris best picture of the year They might even ask u to help them take pictures..

3. The pricer: This people walks into the sony showroom pricing every tabs,tv,electronics,and the last thing u hear is I’ll check back, loool

4. The strolling crew: Right from the entry point of these people,they pace around without having any specific task, showing off and they tend to join the number 2 crew later

5. The babes/guys finder: The sole aim of these both sex is to find a date,spouse,or sex mate. E.g my Nigga Durie Brown.. They’ll just seems to disappear after accomplishing their mission.. Some will just fake a call and go out, Lol

6. The KFC pretender: You’ll see this people sited on the KFC table with a bottle of sprite just for coming to shoprite sake.. I can tell that the ladies are mostly guilty of this

7. The family members crew: God,these family sweeps the entire walkway with the whole extended family,if u no stand well and dem jam u,u go think say na obasanjo use belle jam u.. Lol

8. The Excessive shopper crew: mostly women, you’ll begin to wonder if they’ll be anything left for you to buy when they finish shopping..

9. The mother with kids: you’ll just spot her trying to call her kid(s) to order Or yelling at him/her not to touch anything or move around the mall.. “Junior! Come back here…stay right here, Don’t touch this, Don’t touch that… I’ll beat u o, bla bla bla… “

10. The Gadget and callers crew just when u think you’ve had enough of everything scene from different crew, you’ll spot someone punching his/her phone and smiling, probably surfing on Viewngr or chatting and again you’ll hear a tiny angelic voice “Hello baby, am at shoprite I’ll call u back when I get back home Or A loud but calm Voice “Guy how far, omo me dey shoprite… Ur papa, even chewing gum I no dey buy for u…I go Meet u for street when i finish.. No be only chewing gum Haahahaha U dey mard, later tinz Guy” lol

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