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The man God uses

A cursory look on this topic will prompt one to ask who does God use?  And who doesn’t He use?  If God is the uncaused cause as we believe, then He must have caused man for a purpose.

If this is true then God used every man in his or her own way since we are his expression or manifestation of God.  The goal of history qua tale is his perfect self-manifestation of the absolute (God) through the activities of men.

‘Man’ here connotes a person regardless of sex or age, ‘God’ as used here is a being whose actions is being manifested through the activities of human beings since He caused them, so as to fulfill a purpose of something.  This is in the sense of ‘employ’ meaning to use something as a tool or a resource in a particular way.  It does not mean exploit or manipulate as a means to an end.

These having been adumbrated, this theme is to be understood as state of being employed for something or for a purpose being that God has given us different talents and gifts in other to manifest Him.  God uses all of us in unique ways.  St Theresa of Liseux once said that we are the hands of God, His legs and His mouth etc.  Since God cannot come from, heaven to operate on earth.  God therefore employs man that is, put him into action or service.  Before the carpenter made the chair, he has the idea in his mind, has the material which is the wood and the purpose of making it which is for sitting.

We are used in our own little ways since we all have got our individual talents for none is useless since the simplest speech can praise the Lord and a stupid ass carried Him into Jerusalem.  For instance God uses the security men in our homes because without them we sleep one eye open and the other closed.  God uses the refuse collectors since without them our environment becomes unbearable.  In life, we are tempted to think or even envy those whom we term successful in what they are doing as used by God but permit me to say that the greatest fraud done to humanity is the urge to become like another and not ourselves.

The tragedy of life is not having one talent but it is the none usage of it.  We are being used by God through our individual talents.  If I am the jovial type God uses me to put smile on the face of the sorrowful.  It is quite irrational to think that God only uses some people.  It implies that God created some people without a purpose.  The right way to look at it rather is that God has a purpose for me but I have bluntly refused to be used like the servant who was given one talent.  (mtt 25:14-30)

The general notion is that only the clergy or those who involve themselves in some spiritual or religious work are used by God.  A question that we need to ask ourselves is, can we express God’s love if not through our fellow human beings.  The motto of many hospitals run “we care but God heals”.  This is a perfect way to tell us that God uses the doctors to grant us healing.  Let us remember that God manifest himself through the activities of man on earth not minding that men ill-use these talents, that is using them in a negative way. God’s love can be made manifest only through our love for our fellow men such that at any point we show love to others, we have been used by God to manifest His love for the person.

Let us note that God cannot use your fellow man to harm you therefore this word use is only reserved to God.  Satan does not use man but he exploits or manipulates man.  God cannot use you as a means towards a selfish end.  God never uses us for a benefit but he uses us to better us.  For instance, if God uses you to radiate his unconditional love, you find out that at the end you will never lack love since the rest of those you showed love to will in turn reciprocate.

Having gone this far one should be convinced that God uses all of us in our own unique ways because we have got different talents and gifts portraying the different ways He uses us.  If you can speak well He uses you to proclaim His good news.

Who exactly does God use?  God uses all of us who do His will.  Doing His will for us is allowing Him to make use of us for the very purpose He created us for.  If we remain a continuous revelation of the absolute (God) it then means we are being used by God always.  The revelation of God must be in our word, clothed in human flesh and speaking human language, it must as originally be incarnated.

We are all God’s instruments since He has a definite purpose for us in life as He spoke through the mouth of His Prophet Isaiah, Isaiah 43


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