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Some people think I’m a womanizer – Majid Micheal

Ananse: How far do you expect to see yourself go with your acting career?

Shaker: No one knows what will happen tomorrow. I just wish and pray to God that I will start making my own movies and not acting anymore. And I hope that by the grace of God all I wish and desire will come to pass.

Shaker: I like swimming and I do martial arts; Karate to be specific.

Ananse: Where do you get inspiration from?

Shaker: I will say that in the acting realm, Al pacino an Italian actor inspires me a lot. But when it comes to life and the spiritual realm my whole source of inspiration is from the Bible. What makes me move everyday and do what I do is that breath I have in me. And the source of that breath is Jesus Christ.

Ananse: With the level of fame you now have, how are you coping with the girls?

Shaker: It’s no problem to me. I know that people think I’m a womanizer because I most at times act as one in my movies. But I do have some woman in my life.

Ananse: What is your greatest wish in life?

Shaker: I want wisdom, knowledge and understanding as King Solomon had. Just that I don’t want many wives as he had; (Laughing).

Ananse: What was the worst moment you had in your acting career?

Shaker: It was actually a terrible moment. I was shooting “Devine love” whiles I was shooting “Home sweet home” at the same time. I was supposed to be at the same place at the same time which was practically impossible. So I thought I could finish with Devine love and quickly join the Home sweet home team on location. But unfortunately I couldn’t make it. Every body on Home sweet home set was angry with me. I felt very bad to the extent that I wanted to kill myself because I loved that particular script so much. That was how worst it was.

Ananse: What do you have to say about the acting industry of Ghana ?

Shaker: Acting in Ghana is not too bad. But there’s one thing I have noticed about Ghanaian actors, and that is our inability to speak eloquently. If we try as much as possible to work on our English, I think we will go far. But I must say the future is bright.

Ananse: Finally what do you have to say to your admirers?

Shaker: I thank them for admiring me and I want to promise them that I will always make them proud.