‘Male factor causes 40% of infertility cases’

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A Consultant Gynaecologist, Dr. John Idahosa, has said that 40 percent of infertility problem is attributable to men, and  dismissed common belief that only women have infertility issues.

Speaking during a three- day free medical programme tagged ‘Breaking the Barriers of Bareness’ organised by Grace House Church, Idahosa said men and women contribute equally to infertility.

“Looking at our society today, a man without a child has no saying in the society’. Erectile dysfunction (impotence), that is the inability to achieve erection or a tendency to sustain only a brief erection, is known as the major cause of infertility in men.

Idahosa further noted that causes of impotence include mental stress, adding that medication, illness, excess smoking, excess alcohol intake and consistence sleeping on a brighter light could also cause erectile dysfunction.

He advised men  to increase their intake of multivitamins as help boost their sperm count.

Fibroid and infections also are the causes of infertility in women.

According to Host Pastor,  Omar Pela: “The issue of childlessness  has led to many broken marriages but we ar eusing this the medium to break every yoke of bareness medically and spiritually.

“We decided to also include the seminar to impact the knowledge about the problem and how to prevent it as well as conduct a free fertility screening for those willing to break the yoke of bareness in their lives, free of charge.

Pela urged women and couples believing God for the fruit of the womb to  seek solution without  shame.

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