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As most modern women would agree, long gone are the days when women were prudes, and childbearing was an essential raison deter for engaging in sexual acts. Today, women are said to initiate the act almost as often as men do, while they expect to be satisfied as much as to satisfy.

In addition, they increasingly want to enjoy the act without consequence- either of unwanted pregnancy or of sexually transmitted infection, and are more and more inclined towards taking responsibility for their own bodies and what happens to it.


The female condom has been marketed in 13 countries since 1996. Most of these countries are industrialized and the selling price in these countries is too high for developing countries

26 million

In 2009 around 26 million female condoms were provided through international and nongovernmental funding sources, compared to 10.7 million in 2006. However, the global distribution of female condoms is still far less than that of male condoms.


Only 1.9% of women aged 18-55 used the female condom as at 2012


On average, 50-70% of women and men found the female condom acceptable (WHO, Reproductive Health Research, 2000). It particularly appeals to women who want to be secure about protecting themselves from HIV and STIs and unwanted pregnancies and have partners who do not like, or choose not to use male condoms. Men have responded favourably to the female condom because it does not interrupt sexual spontaneity and does not reduce sexual pleasure. People who are

HIV positive or have HIV positive partners and need always to have protected sexual

intercourse have found the female condom an appropriate prevention method, while


About 78% of women report some type of sexual dissatisfaction


Percentage of women who report that they have never achieved an orgasm, or are less than completely satisfied during their sexual encounters


Less than 10% of women consistently achieve a physical orgasm during sexual intercourse

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