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CRA 6The Rivers State Chapter of All Progressives Congress, APC, would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to Nigerians across the nation for the unprecedented support privately and openly expressed towards the successful screening of the Rivers State Ministerial Nominee and former Governor of Rivers State, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi by the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria today.

We would like to recall that the screening of Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi became the foremost topical issue of political discourse in the past couple of weeks since his nomination by Mr. President. With the eventual screening of the nominee by the Senate today, we do believe that all lovers of Rt. Hon. Amaechi, President Buhari and the APC would joyously put the suspense of the past days behind them and move on.

The APC would also like to thank Distinguished members of the Nigerian Senate for carrying out their constitutional responsibility with candour, maturity and in line with the law.

Again, we would like to state that we are overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and recognition for the former governor by all shades of the Nigerian populace and would like to assure everyone that Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi would continue to identify and fight for the interest of the ordinary Nigerian even as he becomes a Minister in the cabinet of President Muhammadu Buhari.

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Alicia Keys Makes plan with African Youth

portraits-alicia-keys-big-460x460The current series of MTV Base Meets…with MTN has ended with award-winning singer, songwriter and humanitarian Alicia Keys appearing on the show.

Six young Africans met the R&B diva in New York to discuss in detail about female empowerment, HIV and AIDS, motherhood, family, music and the importance of education. Keys also shared with the youths her difficult early life growing up among prostitution and drug abuse.

Among the panellists include Zambian entrepreneur Alton Ford, South African dancer Yoliswa Cele Luthuli, Zimbabwean model and blogger Makho Ndlovu, Rwandan singer-songwriter Iyadede and South African stylist Gugulethu Banda.

Keys, in just a 10-year career has released four albums and sold over 35 million copies, winning her 14 Grammy Awards and 4 MTV Video Music Awards. She is also the co-founder of Keep A Child Alive (KCA), a people’s movement that provides life-saving AIDS treatment, orphan care, nutrition and surrounding support to children and families affected by AIDS in Africa and India.

MTV Base Meets…with MTN has in the last eight weeks featured interviews from President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, President Paul Kagame, Julius Malema, Ben-Murray Bruce, Aliko Dangote, Hugh Masekela and Sir Richard Branson.

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AirAsia flight QZ8501 carrying 162 people goes missing.

 A massive sea search continued Sunday morning after an AirAsia Airbus A320-200 lost contact with ground control over the Java Sea during a flight from Surabaya, Indonesia, to Singapore, shortly after the pilots requested a change of flight plan because of weather.

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Nigeria: Flood Relief Fund or National Cake?

THE much anticipated reprieve finally came via the Tuesday morning (October 9) presidential broadcast that was nationally televised. President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan announced the release of N17.6 billion to assist states and communities that have been devastated by the unprecedented flood.

This put paid to the speculations on whether the President would succumb to some lawmakers' suggestions that he forwards a supplementary budget in aid of the flood disaster areas.

Rather than channel the fund through a supplementary appropriation to the National Assembly, he opted to constitute a Flood Relief and Rehabilitation Committee with Aliko Dangote and Olisa Agbakoba as co-Chairmen and Dr Mike Adenuga Jnr as Chief Fund Mobilizer. Two of these gentlemen are highly respected business moguls with vast indigenous corporations that provide thousands of Nigerians with direct and indirect employments, while the third is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, former President of Nigerian Bar Association and Civil Liberty Organisation.


Some of us saw this deft move as a demonstration of Mr President's commitment to deliver quick succour to the flood victims and avoid the quibbling that often times characterize and eventually bog down our National Assembly processes. And to show his determination in properly accounting for the funds to be raised, he picked men who are accomplished in their various callings to preside over the Committee.

The Committee which has one year to work is saddled with the task of raising funds to help government provide urgent reliefs for victims of the recent catastrophic floods across the country and also manage the post-impact rehabilitation of the affected persons and communities. The Committee is also expected to advise government on how to judiciously utilize the funds that it would raise.

One notices that everything about the President's speech suggests that the relief and rehabilitation package is meant to mitigate the suffering and consequent hardship of the people and communities that have been dislodged by the angry flood. Even the brief he handed the Committee also had to do with the flood disaster and its victims that span across 18 states.

Out of the N17.6 billion voted for flood relief and rehabilitation, N13.3 billion was allocated to the states and N4.3 billion to Federal Government agencies. Since some states are more affected than the others by the flood, government rightly categorised them from A to D as well as the amount of money they received. The sharing formula seemed to be in agreement with common sense and fair play. A state that suffered greater flood and devastation naturally deserves greater assistance than the state that suffered less. Nobody quarrels with that logic but what miffs some us is the situation where the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory have all become flood disaster areas with huge chunks of money shared to them.

One then begins to wonder if the money is actually meant for relief and rehabilitation of flood victims or another "national cake" that is meant to be shared by everybody. Or could this be another "Federal Character" at play? If that is the case, it then means we have just carried the principle to a ludicrous height. We have become helpless hostages of a retrogressive doctrine.

THERE have been occasions in the past when some parts of this country were threatened by desertification and draught, and the Federal Government rushed to their rescue. States that were not affected did not benefit from those relief packages.

In fact, it would have been foolish for any unaffected state to have expected to share in that relief fund for draught and desertification. So, to have listed the entire 36 states and FCT as beneficiaries of the flood relief fund was ill-advised and inappropriate.

Even states whose floods, we all know, were caused by poor sanitation habits and near lack of waste management were all listed as victims of the natural flood disaster.

It seemed as if the President used a matter so serious to pay some political debts. If those who advised the President on the sharing formula felt it would make him look good, they better think again because it portrayed him as dithering and not sure footed.

It gives the impression of a President that is too eager to please everybody even when it is unnecessary to do so. It betrays a sense of vulnerability and trust our politicians to fully exploit this seeming weakness.

The implication of this warped and unjustified sharing formula is that those in dire need like my community, Atani in Ogbaru, Anambra State, would be under-rehabilitated.

With the receding flood we have been told to expect epidemic and famine resulting from the loss of farmlands and crops. Experts have also warned that some building structures would become suspects because they have been submerged under water for over a month and most of them would necessarily be rebuilt or reinforced.

With this grim prospects ahead, our government is distributing money to those who are not directly in the eye of the storm as if Father Christmas has come to town.

Huge sums of money were also allocated to Ministries of Works and Environment, NEMA, National Commission for Refugees and Technical Committee on Flood Impact Assessment. Apart from Ministry of Work, NEMA and Committee on Flood Impact Assessment, other allocation claims are doubtful.

NEMA's intervention was concentrated on the confluence region and the Middle Belt axis as if they were not obliged to intervene in other parts of the country affected by the flood. In my local government area, we only heard of NEMA but we never saw any of them to provide the much needed professional advice on how to deal with the strange situation.

Ministry of Works got N2.6 billion from the latest appropriation and the President revealed during his broadcast that the Ministry has already spent N556 million on repairs of collapsed bridges and construction of bypasses. Aside from the much publicized Lokoja-Abuja bypass we are not aware of any other bypass that the Ministry has constructed. Same with bridges.

President also announced that Ministry of Environment spent N96 million on sundry and relief measures. Ogbaru has been in the thick of the disaster and nobody has come to say he/she is from the Ministry of Environment. So, where did they spend the money? Government has allocated another N350 million and we are keenly watching to see what they will do with the money because serious environmental and ecological issues are bound to surface when the flood recedes.

The National Commission for Refugees was allocated the sum of N150 million. Before the presidential broadcast most of us didn't know an institution like this existed. This was probably because Nigerians never really had any need for it. But since the need for the Commission arose, we have not felt its impact.

Since the flood swallowed Ogbaru communities and the people temporarily relocated to Onitsha Army Barracks and a couple of dingy schools in town, nobody saw the Commission which should ideally be resettling these people who have suddenly assumed the status of refugees.

But for the Anambra State government's humanitarian reliefs and the kind gestures from high-net worth Anambrarians, some of our people would have starved to death. Yet there is a Commission that would have provided them the mediating solace they badly needed before a proper arrangement could be made to rehabilitate them. It's a shame!

We pray that the floods should continue to recede so that we will see what these agencies would do with the money that government has given them.

We also implore government to give the Dangote/ Agbakoba /Adenuga Committee the free hand to spend the money that they would raise directly on the affected areas. They will bring the efficiency and accountability of the private sector to bear on the relief and rehabilitation projects. Moreso, being high profile entrepreneurs, they would introduce emergent best practices into the relief and rehabilitation management.

With the reality of the consequences of climate change driven right into our homes, it has become absolutely necessary for affected state governments to legislate into existence their own local disaster/emergency management agencies as it is now obvious that in circumstances like this, NEMA is bound to be overwhelmed.

These state agencies should begin to develop their own structures and network with local and international humanitarian NGOs, philanthropic donors, faith based organisations and other institutions that are favourably disposed to assisting disaster victims so that in the event of an emergency situation they could begin to provide immediate palliative interventions to their contiguous communities before the national agencies will arrive with the big money

The Dangote Committee has only one year to work after which it may be dissolved. I am not a prophet of doom, but we must be futuristic and preemptive in our planning. Climate change is real.


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Fresh Flooding Alert in 19 States, Environment Ministry Warns
flood nigeria ruthduru.blogspotThe Federal Ministry of Environment on Saturday in Abuja announced a prediction of heavy rainfall which could cause flooding between now and October 27 in 19 states and the Federal Capital Territory.
The ministry’s Deputy Director, Erosion, Flood and Coastal Zone Management, Dr. Morohunkeji Oyeleke, made the announcement in a statement made available to the News Agency of Nigeria.
The ministry identified the states as Kaduna, Kwara, Benue, Borno, Oyo, Niger, Cross River, Akwa Ibom, Taraba, Lagos, Osun, Bauchi, Sokoto, Plateau, Adamawa, Gombe, Imo, Ogun and Kebbi.
It also identified in specific terms some areas that could be affected as Sakaba in Kebbi State; Sagamu in Ogun State; Okigwe in Imo State; and Nafada in Gombe State.

Other areas are Kari and Kirfi in Bauchi State, Makira in Sokoto State; Shelleng and Shendam in Plateau State; and Mubi and Numan in Adamawa State.
The ministry also listed Donga, Lau and Mutum-Biyu in Taraba State; Etiosa, Lekki and Surulere in Lagos State; and Igbo-Ora in Osun State.
It further listed Briyel in Bukuru, Plateau State; Otukpo in Benue State; Calabar in Cross River State; Eket, Etinan, Ikot-Nakada, Itu and Oron areas of Akwa Ibom State.
The flood-prone areas include Abaji, Kwali, Bwari, Mabushi, Kukwaba, Guzape, Karu, Kuje, Kurudu and Lugbe in the FCT.
The ministry also said areas which could be affected by the downpour-induced flood included Apata, Bodija, Challenge, Eleyele, Moniya, Aiyete, Eruwa, Iseyin, Kisi and Ogbomoso in Oyo State.
It also listed Bida, Katcha, Kontagora, Mashegu and Sarki Pawa, all in Niger State; Birnin Gwari in Kaduna as well as Jemaa, Kachia in Kaduna State; and Bode Saadu, Ilorin, Kosubosu and Lafiaji in Kwara State.

The ministry appealed to the governments in the identified states to take all necessary precautionary measures to avoid any untold hardship.

It added that adherence to similar warnings in the past had saved many lives and property.
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There is no Order against the screening of Hon. Amaechi, Says Rivers APC

AmaechiThe Rivers State Chapter of the All Progressives Congress [APC], says its attention has been drawn to a statement being circulated in the media that Mr. Livingstone Wechie has obtained a court order restraining the Senate from Screening Rt. Rotimi AMAECHI as a ministerial nominee.

The APC said following the announcement, it made frantic search at the Federal High Court across the Country and did not find any such proceedings pending or ORDER before any Court in the Country, the Federal High Court being the only Court that has jurisdiction to determine any matter in which the Senate is made a party and its duties and functions are the subject matter, in view of Section 251 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 (as amended).

Continuing the party said, “again, because we are aware of the desperation of the PDP and Mr. Livingstone Wechie on this matter, we have nonetheless carried out a search at the High Court Registry in Rivers State, and no indication that such Order exists at the High Court of Rivers State, except if such order is given to Mr. Livingstone WECHIE in the sitting room of a Judge, which we know that no right thinking judicial officer will do so, especially at this time that the National Judicial Council is desirous of sanitizing the Judiciary.”

“Clearly, the State High Court has no powers or jurisdiction under the Constitution to determine a matter in which the subject matter relates to the duties or functions of the Senate. The distinguished and Honourable Judges of the Rivers State High Court are fully aware of this Constitutional provision. We strongly believe that none of them would be drawn into such level of judicial rascality or abuse of office, no matter the inducement or incentive” the APC said in a statement signed and made available to NF-Reports by its Publicity Secretary, Chris Finebone.

The APC urged all good people of Rivers State to remain calm and await the Senate Report and action as has been announced by the Most Distinguished Senate President.

“We hereby give notice to the Directorate of State Security Services and the Nigerian Police to investigate this level of misinformation that is capable of breaching the peace. We urge them to be vigilant and watch for any attempt to forge and criminally alter documentation at the Rivers State High Court Registry”, the statement concluded.

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Africa’s First Fact-checking Website Hits Million Visitors

Africa’s first independent fact-checking website Africa Check, launched two years ago to promote accuracy in public debate and the media, announced on Thursday that it had hit a million visitors.

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Gbenga Ogunbote says protests outside team hotel disrupted preparations for African Champions League semifinal

jSunshine Stars manager Gbenga Ogunbote has blamed his team’s defeat in the CAF Champions League semifinal on protests  outside the team’s hotel before the match.

Ahly beat the Nigerian champions 1-0 in Cairo on Sunday to qualify for the final 4-3 on aggregate.

“I am waiting for the CAF (Confederation of Africa Football) to impose penalties on Ahly and I will escalate the issue,” Ogunbote said.

The match was delayed for half an hour because protesters demanding the start of the Egyptian Premier League season interrupted the Agagu Boys’ journey to the stadium.

All domestic football activities have been suspended in Egypt since the Port Said disaster left 72 fans dead in clashes between Ahly and Masry supporters in February.

The final of the CAF Champions League is scheduled to be held in Cairo on 4 November between Ahly and titleholders Esperance of Tunisia who qualified after eliminating TP Mazembe of DR Congo.

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Nigeria: FG Worried On Use of Dollar As Second Currency in Nigeria's Market

bTokyo — The federal Government is worried by the use of dollar as means of payment or legal tender in the local market in Nigeria. The practice is seriously affecting the value of naira as most Nigerians are fast losing confidence in the local currency as a store of value.

The naira is the only legal tender in the country but in most parts of Nigeria, Lagos and Abuja in particular, lands are sold in dollars, prices of some products are denominated in dollars, school fees are quoted in dollars and hotels charge and collect dollars for rooms and other services.

In Japan and other developed countries, payments for any local transactions are done in the local currency unit; their nationals insist on payment for goods and services in local currency.

Reacting to reporters question on the use of dollar in Nigeria local market, CBN Governor Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi said that the dollarisation of the Nigerian economy is of serious concern to the President, the Central Bank of Nigeria, the Economic management team and every body and that the CBN is coming up with a policy to stop the practice.

He said that as a first step, the CBN will soon stop the cash sale of dollars to Bureaux De Change, where members of the Nigerian public usually make their purchases of dollars in cash to make transactions within the country.

Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi at the joint briefing to mark the end of the 2012 IMF/World Bank Annual Meetings with Dr Okonjo-Iweala in Tokyo Japan said that the idea of introducing the N5, 000 note was to check mate the practice of the movement of huge funds around the country in dollars.

Sanusi whose proposal to introduce the N5, 000 currency note into the Nigerian market was halted by the federal government following heavy criticism against the move, said the introduction of the N5, 000 note was to check the dollarisation of the Nigerian economy by providing Nigerians with heavy cash transaction and a higher denomination.

His words, "The dollarisation of the economy is a big problem for all of us and it is something that we are going to walk towards taking stopping. One major plank of solving the problem of dollarisation was the N 5, 000 note, because that is one of the reason people go for dollars, and that is the reality; if you have inflation over a long time; if you have had devaluation over sometime; your currency, because the naira is not just a medium of exchange but also a store of value, if your currency loses its position as a store of value, you have a problem.

"People carry $10, 000, that is N1.5 million in their pockets. Seventy per cent of the dollars people buy from the BDCs is not for transactions outside Nigeria. They move dollars from one part of the country to another. In fact, from one part of Abuja to another.

"In a brief case, you can carry a $100, 000. That is about N15 million. Now part of the logic for introducing higher denomination is to provide genuine high-value cash users with a note that is a store of value as a first step towards our attempt to eliminate the use of dollar to move cash around because the dollar has became the second national currency".

The CBN boss who revealed that even President Goodluck Jonathan was worried over the development said that under the new policy to be announced shortly, transactions between the apex bank and BDCs, on the one hand, and between BDCs and their customers would be done online.

He explained further that those who honestly need to make payments outside the country would have the recipients paid directly from the bank accounts of the BDCs or take the option of buying travellers' cheques.

According to him, "we are worried about it. The president is worried about it. We are all worried about it and we are coming with a fresh policy to stop selling cash dollars to BDCs.

"We will credit their accounts. If you want to pay for medical bills abroad, you give the hospital account. If you want to pay school fees, you do transfer like everybody else. If you want to travel, you buy travellers' Cheque or get money on your cards, instead of people moving around with dollars.

"But what is happening now is that if you want a N2 million transaction, you have to carry bags of naira cash. And this was part of the logic of bringing in a higher denomination for people who do high-volume cash transaction to reduce the amount of paper money they carry along.

"I am glad that you asked that question because you are now beginning to think about some of the concerns that we have as managers of the economy because you have to print so much paper money and it is because people don't want to carry so much papers in cash that they are carrying dollars and we cannot let it continue to happen. In America you cannot transact business with Pounds Sterling. You cannot and we will deal with it. It will stop".

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