Nigeria Govt no dey work again.

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All these senseless deaths and killings, and the fact that practically nothing is working in this country, are symptoms of the FAILURE OF STATE-CRAFT. In simple pidgin English, Govt no dey work again.
And the only practical solution is for all of us to convert all this righteous anger toward voting in a responsible Govt at the federal, state and local levels.
Anyone offering you any other solution aside from this is simply taking you on a long emotional voyage to nowhere. That Buhari has been able to mess up our lives the way he likes for the past 7 years is because he has the power of Govt.
After the power of God, Political Power is the second most powerful power anywhere in the world.
Every nation, every group, and every organization rises and falls on LEADERSHIP. To this end, I appeal to you, in the name of all that you hold dear,
GO OUT TOMORROW AND GET YOUR PVC (Permanent Voters Card). Your lives for the next 8 years actually depend on that PVC and the choice you make with it.
If you are a social media person reading me right about now, I urge you to volunteer at an INEC centre near you to help make the process go smooth as well as protect people from greedy and unscrupulous INEC staff members who might want to frustrate them.
I will be at Okpara Square, Enugwu tomorrow morning from 9 am with other volunteers from Enugwu to ensure the exercise goes smooth. If you encounter any MAN-MADE challenges while trying to register for your PVC tomorrow at Okpara Square, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. We have other sensitization programs which we will be unveiling soon towards getting people to go get their PVC. We intend to get all the major markets, supermarkets and restaurants on how to put a big notice sensitizing people about the need to go get the PVC. This is purely our voluntary contribution towards saving ourselves from the ugly situation in which we found ourselves.
The low number of registered voters in the southeast is quite troubling. But we can change this ugly story.
Aside from voting in a credible Govt at the centre, we also owe it to ourselves to pay more attention to the calibre of people we vote in to manage our home front (state and local Govt plus the national and local houses of parliament).
The 2023 election is one election that will determine whether we l!ve or we die, and I mean this literally. If we get it wrong, we are doomed. If we get it right, we may yet be redeemed from this impending army of the dead.
Many of you may not realize it, but the root cause of MOST of the problems we’ve been battling with stems from having absolute idiots manage our destinies at the state level, which gives them the power to influence who manages the local Govt offices which are closest to the people.
Let me take my own Southeast for example; so many Igbo youths have complained that our governors do not have our interests at heart. They failed to create a regional security outfit when we all wailed and cried for one. Ironically, we take no action in changing these governors when opportunities present themselves. Not only are they about finishing their tenures, but they are also about installing their successors BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO INTEREST IN THE POLITICAL PROCESS. With the new electoral Act which drastically reduces the chances of rigging, the chances of our votes counting have gone higher.
And let me touch on the big elephant in the room; some Biafra agitators say they want no part in anything election. Good! The problem is, you stand absolutely no chance at getting an independent Biafra Nation without participating in the political process because all through history, no people have ever extricated a new Nation from an existing one without following either the POLITICAL PROCESS or WAR. There is actually no 3rd option. You must have some form of political control over the region you are seeking secession for. And the fact that you don’t control even an ordinary councillorship seat anywhere in “BiafraLand” is a FUNDAMENTAL problem.
It’s not just enough to shout that you want Biafra, you must have a practical plan as to HOW you intend to get Biafra. You must be willing to go through the Political Process unless you have the means to subdue the Nigerian state MILITARILY, which remains doubtful as of today.
So in the end, you actually need to go get your PVC. Even your referendum is a Political Process that may require the PVC.
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