A Super Bowl Sunday Deception

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The world according to Barack Obama, as revealed in an unreal interview on CNN:

"… 99.9% of Muslims who are looking for the same thing we’re looking for — order, peace, prosperity…" Dear Heavenly Father above, where to begin?

With the Islamic definition of "order" as dictated/mandated by Allah, or with the civilized world's traditional english definition of "order"? A "peace" dictated by Islamic submission (jihad) or the "peace" that exists through recognition of man's free will, our unalienable rights and a respect for individual liberties? And lastly, a "prosperity" as defined by whom? By government czars, regulators and administrators prescribing their version of "fairness", one driven by envy economics and "social justice"? Or a free-market "prosperity" that has lifted more humans out of poverty than any other, the world over?

Proving Obama's absolute deception is Pew Research.

Save it to say, citizens of the 25 Muslim nations (above), are clearly in favor of Sharia law. And this group, representing far more than 99.9% of the world's Muslims, most certainly do not assign the same meaning to the terms "order, peace and prosperity" as Americans do. And Obama damn well knows it.

Today's CNN interview offers a classic example of how Mr. Obama continues to pervert our language. He dismantles, conflates and distorts, knowing full well the words he speaks are calculated to leave impressions with listeners and viewers that are simply not true. He's a skilled charlatan. A path of middle class destruction, global chaos, racial division, the worst unemployment since 1978 (Labor Force Participation Rate), a ballooning federal debt (more than all previous U.S. Presidents, combined) and a severe deflation of America's standing in the world lies in his wake.

HBO's Bill Maher, certainly no right-wing conservative nut job by anyone's definition, explains why radical Islam is far worse that the mafia. Watch for yourself in this clear exchange with Ben Affleck. Maher "lays the axe at the root of the tree." (Foul language warning.)

We have a Commander-in-Chief that brazenly and shamelessly lies about an issue that is critical to his single most important responsibility; the safety and security of 315 million Americans.

With absolute evidence that proves Obama's Super Bowl Sunday deception, is it not more than fair to ask:

If Obama will lie, deceive and distort about radical Islamic terrorism and in so doing, needlessly place all Americans in harms way , is there any issue Barack Obama will not lie about? What a Superbowl Sunday. An amazing Seahawks reception, a game winning Patriots interception, and a nauseating Obama deception. Let's drop the silly DeflateGate debate and start paying attention to issues of far greater importance.

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