Abortion can lead to trauma in men; often couples split up afterwards

“Trauma from an abortion can also affect men. Guilt and hurt after an abortion can drive couples apart, especially if one partner was unsure about the decision. Often couples split up following an abortion.

You may want your relationship back to where it used to be, but this is impossible. Sometimes men react with a gut instinct that it is better to do something quickly and worry about the consequences later. A common reaction is “Get rid of it”. But this is not one of those situations, and an abortion will not put things back as they were. In short, both you and your partner have been permanently changed by the pregnancy.

Some men feel guilty about what they have done and then find it difficult to form close relationships in the future. Some disguise their feelings by remaining emotionally cold and distant. One man said “following the abortion I split up with my girlfriend and it was only years later I realized that I’d never settled down and got married because of the abortion.”

There is a deep instinct in man to protect women and children. An abortion can undermine a man’s confidence in himself and he can come to think of himself as a failure – a failure as a partner, a failure as a father, a failure as a man.”

Men and Abortion, Information from Lighthouse Family Trust

Quoted in Cara Acred The Abortion Debate (Independence Educational Publishers, 2012), Kindle edition

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