Dubai: CSR Network to Hold Training on CSR Advanced Course

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  • One of a kind training with assessment makes Arabia CSR Network leading training centre in the Region

Dubai, United Arab Emirates- October 18,2015 – (ME NewsWire) The Arabia CSR Network (ACSRN), a local think tank and knowledge centre, will organize a four day advanced session on Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability. Designed to augment knowledge and know how on the subject, the accredited course is based on the training series conducted in the past by the Network in collaboration with the Asian Institute of Management, Manila.

The training course aims to shed light on conceptual underpinnings, and practical applications of the theory and practice of CSR and sustainability. It underlines the concept of value creation through strategic CSR, emphasizing on the business’ role in society going beyond making profits and attaining growth. The individual sessions will include the following topics: evaluating the internal and external environment; trends and patterns; approaches to CSR and Sustainability; the value proposition; mapping sustainability impacts and constraints; stakeholder analysis and materiality; developing CSR strategy; resource allocation and project planning; monitoring and performance measurement; implementation to reporting; rankings, ratings and indices; and best practice case examples.

The course is intended for delegates with a prior exposure to CSR and sustainability, and a basic knowledge of Business Project Planning and Management. Target participants for the course will be top level executives steering CSR and sustainability, mid management with CSR responsibilities, focal points for sustainability and CSR; communication, marketing, PR and brand specialists working on brands, products or services dedicated to sustainability and CSR; as well as NGOs, academics and researchers. All successful delegates that will complete a set of given written assessment tasks will be presented with a certificate of attainment.
The advanced training is invaluable for organisations already committed to CSR and sustainability. It will equip them to take their CSR and sustainability to the next level. It will explain how an organisation can make its business sustainable in the long term, by understanding emerging trends and changing scenarios especially the changing social context, synergizing efforts with stakeholders to co-create innovative solutions to societal problems that can pose risks to the organisation’s value chain, and enhancing its social license and competitive advantage in the long run. It will open the mind to the immense potential that an advanced level of CSR and sustainability offers and how to maximize value through a sustainability framework. So far, this will be the Network’s first advanced level training on CSR and sustainability that it has developed, making them a premier provider of knowledge based offerings.

About ACSRN:

The Arabia CSR Network is a professional multi stakeholder organization that promotes, encourages and recognizes responsible business practices through services and offerings including trainings, research and best practice, advisory services, third party assurance and a Pan-Arab acclaimed award initiative known as the Arabia CSR Awards. For information, please visit
*Source: ME NewsWire

The press release can be viewed online:

Arabia CSR Network
Ms. Dina Mousa, +971-4-344-8120



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