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Watch that Thought, Destiny at Stake

I remember reading the above quotation from Touched by an E-mail:  Class of 2000 by Dennis D. Mog (Editor), an inspirational book given to me by a very dear friend about nine (9) years ago. I was greatly inspired by the quotes that I began thinking deeply about it. I memorised it then and had not forgotten it for the past nine years. Even when I lost the book Touched by an E-mail:  Class of 2000, I did not loose the quotation; it has lived with me over the years.

Watch your thoughts, for they become words

What you think manifests into what you actually say. If you constantly think negatively, you end up using negative words before your heart is filled with negatives. Remember that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. So what you think is what you say. If you can start thinking positively, then you are on the way to positive words which has a great impact on your personality. So make a decision whether to think positively or negatively and see yourself become who you want – it’s your call.

Watch your words, for they become actions

We act based on what we say. It is like living out your word. For instance if you have said in anger that you would deal with somebody who has done something wrong to you, you begin to act in such manner. Likewise if you have said something positive like I want to be a lawyer, you begin to act towards what will make you become a lawyer. So what we say affects how we act before there is power in spoken words. 

Watch your actions, for they become habits

Acting according to your words or living out your word over a long period of time becomes habitual. In other words habit is a recurrent and often unconscious pattern of behaviour which is acquired through frequent repetition. Habits also have great influence on your entire personality. So watch out the habits you adopt for it could either make or mar you.

Watch your habits, for they become character

The different habits distinguish one from every other person and individuals are easily identified by their character. Character is one’s quality which makes him unique; hence it encompasses your traits, attributes and abilities. In other words habits shape or mould one into what he eventually becomes. Therefore watch that character if it is exactly what you really want for yourself. It pays to be identified with good character.

Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny

That unique, exceptional character takes you to your destiny. Now what if this chain that takes you to your destiny has always been the negative one, do you know the implication. And on the other hand starting on a positive line of thought will definitely take you to a destiny you will be proud of.


Going through the chain Thought – Word – Action – Habit – Character – Destiny helps in giving you the right personality which will help you live a desirable life. Your destiny lies in your hand. You alone have the power to make your life what and how you what it to be. Why not start today to think positively, walking through the chain of careful watch and have a destiny worth having.


Mog, Dennis (2000). Touched by an E-mail: Class of 2000. Bridge Logos Pub

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