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The light breeze helped her lap-lenght short gown up and behold; I saw her “nonsense”.

nude dressOn my way to church this morning, I had to stop for a family to be dropped off at Christ Embassy headquarters along Psychiatric Road in PH. The woman who alighted from the ash colored Toyota Corrolla had reasons to bend down, am not sure what. But as she bent, the light breeze helped her lap-lenght short gown up and behold; I saw her "nonsense".

That sight occupied my mind all through service today especially seeing that she was married and her husband was the driver of the car. Even at my own church I noticed many young girls dressed like the woman. Difference might be marital status, but they all predisposed their "nonsense" to unplanned exposure.

It also reminded me of something I have observed at that particular church for months now. First it was anti-bomb police van usually stationed in front of the church for most sundays. Secondly, over 10 armed mobile policemen are always around the side gate of the church where the living quarters (I believe) is located. I have seen the Mopol men ferrying the "officials" of the church with exotic 4×4 SUVs with a pilot vehicle leading.

Why will a church located in PH within the Christian South of Nigeria need regular policemen to watch over it with even a bomb disposal van? Are the pastors and members not heaven conscious and ready christians? Don't they pray the Lord's prayer like other Christians? "Thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven…" Are they not among those praying for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ or are they, like the rest of the world, praying against the second coming so they can enjoy more on earth? I will be back to this later and help explain the new nonsense of pastors who are scared of dying in Christ.

The first person that came to my mind after seeing that woman's nonsense was her husband. I tactically stopped long enough beside him to take a good look at the "idiot" who allowed his wife to dress like that and follow him to church. I wasn't disappointed. He had the look of a "married-bachelor".

Strange enough he is not alone. We have many "child-husbands" in Nigeria. These are boys who married and refused to transit from Boys to Fathers. They still go to clubs every night to dance and enjoy like when they were unmarried. They still smoke at home like when they weren't married. They hang out with friends who are unmarried and come home drunk, like before they were married. They even go to watch strip dancers along Stadium road. Yes, supposed married men going to watch girls strip and dance in public.

Even when they can spend the whole day watching their own wives naked. No scripture is against that and there is no African tradition against it.

A child-husband will likely not be able to transit his wife from girl to wife and then mother. May be nobody taught him that life is lived in stages and when you leave one stage you are expected to move to the next and drop the behaviors and other things associated with your former stage. There is nothing wrong with a child of 6 months feeding on breast milk but there is something wrong with a 6 year old baby sucking the mothers breast milk. Similarly, there is nothing wrong with a girl of 6-8 years wearing a short gown that accidentally exposes her "nonsense" but there is something definitely wrong with a married woman of 25 years wearing a gown that exposes her "nonsense" in public. They are not in same stage of life.

When you make the decision to marry, you have chosen to move from boy to husband and father while she has chosen to move from girl to wife and mother. Marriage counsellors were supposed to teach you and prepare you for that transition. It doesn't matter if your wife is the bread winner, society expects your to exercise leadership over her at home and help her transition from girl/lady to wife/mother. Of course you are expected to be productively engaged but the fact that your wife is earning more than you is not a good reason to swap roles with you becoming the "woman of the house" and generally accept "whatever makes her happy". Funny enough, even if she married you with her money, she did so because she wanted to move from girl/lady to wife/mother. She expects you to help her make the transition. You can quote me that no woman wants a husband she can control and impose her will on. But every woman will try to control and impose her will on her husband. Every power you drop will be happily lapped up and expanded.

As a man, look for something to do that will ensure you at least pay house rent, children school fees and provide what you can for food. You have effectively qualified to answer man or husband. Don't "take power/control" via beating your wife. Only weak men resort to violence first and most women know that and will regularly invite you to show your weakness as a man. One slap delivered will cost you more dignity than being stripped naked in the market. After all you won't live with those in the market everyday of your life. But your wife will always be there to remind you of your weakness as a man. Trust her to say things like "what can you do, you think I am afraid of you beating me….come and beat me while your mates are building mansions.." Women were created with their mouth intact. It is their "human right".

A married woman should join women fellowship the day after her wedding and start tying wrapper to church. If she wants modern wrappers with hip style, we have them in PH, Lagos, Aba, Enugu etc. She will not be less attractive by wearing them, after all the husband knew how pretty or otherwise she was before marrying her. Much later in the marriage she can go back to skirts of decent length, fashionable gowns etc. Part of the transition from girl to mother is for her to start dressing and thinking like a mother so that when she's pregnant she won't be looking for "modern wedding gown" but proudly wear maternity gowns that will show the world she is "married and pregnant". Unlike a woman who is pregnant outside wedlock.

The danger in not transiting her quickly is that she will continue to think and behave like a girlfriend. As she wears those skimpy clothes around, she will be sending wrong signals to one small deranged boy who will help you "cover" her up with his own "nonsense". There are many young men who find nothing wrong with "doing it" with a married woman. If she resists, rape might unfortunately follow. But generally, wrongly dressed married women receive tempting offers from wrongly reasoning men. Vuum should always be preferred to writing statements on how "the Devil tempted me so much and I didn't know when I did it". At least you now know. Flee!!!

"Child-mothers" usually raise bad children. A mother with a child's brain needs raising and not raising another child. I've seen such "child-mothers" getting up from bed in the morning to instruct the housemaid to "read the manual on the baby milk tin, wash your hands and use warm water to prepare food for junior if he wakes up and cries". She does not want to breast feed junior and allow her "pointed" breast to fall. Her husband might not care for her again since it was the pointed children's food and hippy hips that attracted him to her. She has to remain competitive and stave off other women.

My sister, stop deceiving yourself. You cannot be 16 for ever. Just like your husband cannot be a 6 pack boy for life. Even the taunt muscles of Hulk Hogan withered with time. If your husband transit from boy to husband/father he will have more important things than firm breast and hippy hips (ukwu nwere nti) to bother about. He should be thinking more about family issues and responsibilities including how to raise and sustain a high income for the family. The beauty he will see in you then will be different from the beauty her saw in your hips and breasts. The the real beauty that last forever and will perpetually assure you of his love till death do you part. Character! Pointed and hippy beauty? Not real and all adult fathers knew and prepared for their disappearance. (I didn't write anything about going out of alignment to avoid sisters attack o).

If you are married and have to dress like a girl to please your husband, I am sorry, you have not transited yet. Either you or both of you. I will even be reluctant to call you married, in the real sense of the word. As a "child", you cannot even talk about love because you have not matured to real love. You are still in the period of "making" love instead of "living" love. Your boyoyo husband is not yet an assured husband so you might as well continue wearing one quarter gowns to attract him and flies. One of the "flies" might end up marrying you and making you a wife and mother. After your current child husband have divorced you because of "incompatibility, adultery and breach of trust". The same church that allowed you to come 'as you are" week in week out, without trying to help you transit from church goer to christian, girl to wife/mother, will rationalize and approve your divorce.

They will support divorce probably because the head of such churches were/are divorced and remarried hence have dug deep into the Bible to find "scriptural cover" for their personal weaknesses.

"In the house of God there is liberty.." You can marry today, divorce tomorrow, remarry or turn gay and then change your sex, it doesn't matter. The kingdom is not coming today and we have to live life at full crush."
If you even try hard enough and attend "house fellowship" consistently, you are on "speed dial" to becoming a "man of God" who will lay hands on others and perpetuate the kingdom of satan on earth. Your motivation is there: your pastor wears i£700 jackets, $10k wristwatches, drives latest Range Rover model, lives in a modern mansion with 10 fierce looking Mopol as guards.

Which young man and woman of productive age won't be be drawn to such rockstar lifestyle? No wonder we now have 25 year old "daddy in the Lord" in many of these modern places of worship. All they need is an equivalent young, dashing and photogenic "mummy in the Lord" to make a wonderful billboard and poster couple. With a mummy and daddy in the Lord that are yet to even transit from youths to parents who will lead who on the right path? Can the blind lead the blind?

For the proprietors of these "anyhow yagaga" churches, permit me to talk to you directly. We both know that one day soon Jesus will come back to the earth. Even if he does not come soon, one day we will all die. It is appointed unto man to die once after which judgement follows. You will be judged by God one day, just like me. Even here on earth, we will all receive rewards that will also affect our children and children-children. We owe it to our God and conscience to shepherd a heaven conscious people and not a compromizing world-conscious church. In doing that we must be different from the world. When new members join the church dressed anyhow, they need to be properly helped and guided so they can become transformed men and women to fit the "new creature" description. An old creature who is a regular in the house of God will still enter through the "wide gate". Every general overseer must realize he will answer to God about his members. Jesus accounted for his apostles here on earth and (I believe) in heaven. Read John 17:6-12 if in doubt.

My greatest worry is that more people are going to hell because of our pastors than those being won for heaven. The modern ministry attracted millions to christianity and offered them a sanctuary and a safe haven. I have no doubt that if Chidi Lloyds shows up today in church for thanksgiving, his pastor will dance and celebrate with him for what the "Lord" has done for him. No church in Nigeria will punish him for attempted murder and violent behaviour that is unbecoming of a Christian, father or leader, as long he is up to date with his tithe and offering. We are in the modern church where you can live like the world and still be accepted in a fraudster pastor's "heaven".

The gospel of "heaven and hell", "repent or perish likewise" are going extinct in these police protected churches. Once a church begins to hire the apparatus of the state to protect itself, there must be something wrong. Jesus told his apostles that if the world hated him, the world will hate you too. The only reason the world does not hate the church is because the church has compromized and is even more worldly than the world. The people of the world seek after worldly things like clothes, luxury shelter, luxury cars, private jets etc. The church is also seeking same things and hence cannot be separated from the world.

The biblical truth is that the soul of anyone who attends church but ends in hell because of false doctrine and pastoral complacency will be used to judge his GO/Pastor/Bishop. All the people you are misleading to hell will stand in judgement against you, your children and children's children. No escape. Retrace your step today and separate the church from the world. Return to Antioch where qualitative character differentiated the disciples from others hence they were called Christians (Christ-like). At the moment, most of your members behave like the people of the world and should be called Worldtians. In the days of my youth, evil men were scared of entering church houses but in these days real Christians are afraid of entering churches. Why GO/Bishop/Pastor, Why?

For all those young people rushing into ministerial work for economic and social benefits, I am sorry for you. Obviously nobody taught you about the real character of the God called Jehovah. They probably forgot to tell you in pastoral school that he is also the Consuming Fire. Otherwise you will prefer to remain a sunday school teacher for another 30 years, marry and raise children and acquire necessary experience before "calling" yourself. Jehovah is a loving God but he is also a man of War and a jealous God. The day he will remember your malfeseance in His name, you won't have a hiding place. Continue being "mpucious" (mewe mpu). Steal church money, sleep with sisters, do your homo, use juju to perform miracles and generally deceive yourself. With your head you will carry the consequences here on earth and later in hell where you will weep and gnash your teeth. God rewards without forgetting. Only His mercy can save you.

Bear in mind that God never called any idle man to the ministry. And he never called any woman to priesthood. You can find your own scriptures to justify the mistakes you are making, but it doesn't change the fact that Deborah was a judge (administrator) not a priest. No single female priest was recorded or ordained in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. But many great women who served in various offices in the growth and evolution of the church were dully recorded and revered. Not even Mary the Mother of Jesus made it to priesthood. Yet you want to reverse God's words and standards to achieve acceptance in the world? You will carry all of them with head.. I will carry mine.

If we cannot properly position the church as the house of God under God's standards, we must be prepared to accept worldly guidance in our affairs. Very soon the church will be required to pay all manner of taxes in Nigeria. When the time comes, nobody should mobilize christians for protest. However we got money for luxury living is same way we should get money to pay taxes and comply with Caeser's laws. If the weight of the tax the world will impose on the church becomes heavy the church should simply strip itself of luxury assets and use the money to pay. Those who love the world must live under the rules of the world.


I didn't set out to judge anyone or ministry. Matthew 7:1 does not need interpretation and it is not a parable. All I have done is to add a voice "from the wilderness" and ask the church to 'prepare the way for the Lord! Make his paths straight!'. Don't attack and behead me like was done to my name sake John the Baptist who preached a similar message hundreds of years ago. I suspect many will attack me to satisfy their strip dancers, but just note that you will merely be wasting your time. Make adjustments if you are affected in any way by John's message to the Church.

It is your destiny to have a great week. Enjoy it.

JOK 14/7/13

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
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