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Ike C. Ibe,Executive Director Nancy and Jennifer Ibe Center for Public Accountability (NAJICPA)I am compelled to write this letter to you. Yes I mean you that is reading it. I’m sure you know Stella. Have you heard that recently Stella restored the license of the Dana airline? Yes the same Dana that wasted the lives of 163 Nigerians on June 3rd 2012. I’m sure you know that the national assembly conducted a probe on the airline and determined that they were not supposed to be in the air in the first place.

Did you also know that Stella instituted an investigation on the causes of the crash of Dana and that up till now Stella never told us the full result of the investigation? Did you know that Stella later issued a statement saying that after a rigorous technical and financial audit, she found Dana airline fit to operate and fly you and I in the air? Of course you know the investigation was a mere formality because you and I know that regulators in Nigeria always compromise. My suspicion was enhanced when I heard that Stella rewarded Dana airline with the title of the best airline in Nigeria just merely a few months after it cashed and killed my wife, my daughter, my aunty and 160 other people.

Did you know that Dana has recently commenced flights again even though you have not been told actually why their plane recorded the most ghastly crash in Nigeria’s history? The funny and sad thing is that Dana is using some so called Nigerian celebrities to advertise their new operations and are charging you, yes I mean you, twelve thousand naira from Abuja to Lagos just to lure you into a flight that may be your last trip on earth. Do you know you could die in Dana? Do you know that for a mere twelve thousand naira you could cause your loved ones billions of naira in pains, agony, loss of companionship, shattered dreams, dashed hope etc. Do you know? Do you know that these ‘celebrities’ have decided to feast on your blood that could be eventually wasted unnecessarily while you still struggle daily to support their shows and their music? Do you know they are laughing to the banks with millions from Dana while you hold your heart in your hands when you climb into that Dana? Do you know? Do you know that they could have used these millions to pay full statutory compensations to victims families instead of wasting them on celebrities. Do you know that they will do the same thing to your family ‘when you die’ in Dana?

Yes, I can hear you asking whether the government will ban transport companies just because their bus had an accident. I also ask you, yes I mean you. If you take your loved one to a hospital for just a routine check up and he or she comes home dead for no reason will you take another loved one to the same hospital without insisting on knowing why your first loved one died in the first place in the hospital, or will you accept the explanation that the ministry of health said the hospital is the best in the country? Don’t you think Stella should be fired?

My friend, yes I mean you. That Dana plane you are about to enter could be your last flight. YOU COULD DIE IN DANA. Yes I mean you.

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