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American CIA and Nigeria’s stability

american-cia 512x288The Central Intelligence Agency was established to scuttle and derail potential challengers to America’s economic hegemony. Choking and paralysing most potential challengers result from subjecting these countries to endless social crisis, hardship, torture, fear, and psychological warfare. And confirming this strategy, former CIA Director of Plans, Richard Bissell, said, ”The CIA’s interface with the rest of the world needs to be better promoted through our friends in foreign governments….We need repression if we hope to divide these societies into owners and slaves. We need to put the people under continual duress and in a perpetual state of imbalance, so that confused and demoralised, apathy on a massive scale will result.”

Populated by psychopaths and neo-fascist occultists, this ultra-clandestine secret society has its operations likened to the mad sadistic-hedonism of Caligula, where the initiated maintain permanent silence. But should anyone muster the courage to reveal what goes on in the CIA’s underworld, embarrassing blackmail, intimidation, disappearance or assassination awaits the offender. Raising puppets and fronts to be planted in governments and sensitive private sectors around the world enables the CIA to control most nations. Also with such astonishing secrecy, sleeper operatives freely operate in spaces like universities, colleges, mega-churches, nightclubs, public parks, hotels and hospitals.

That this monster created by President Harry Truman in 1947 on the insistence of the Rockefeller brothers is an empire within an empire shouldn’t be surprising, especially given the freehand with which it operates. Little wonder, even though officially financed through the budgets of the Pentagon and Departments of State and Justice, thriving in its dirty world, the CIA’s unofficial financing is believed to come from money laundering, terrorism, extrajudicial killings, drug trafficking, prostitution, kidnapping, human trafficking, gambling and illegal arms and oil sales. With this, the CIA is above the law.

Home to the world’s best and most sought-after oil, the CIA-led western vultures have schemed, cajoled, bullied, cheated, sabotaged and mercilessly and ruthlessly controlled Nigeria. And Washington has no regrets for having turned this would-have-been African giant into a desolate state. Or shouldn’t the price of plundering its $3 trillion oil wealth since 1958 worth these Machiavellian-Darwinian fittest actions? In this western-led survival of the fittest world, should it be a problem that the weak is terrorised by the powerful, let alone eavesdropping on their governments’ communications? Why should Washington bother that the CIA’s beaming electromagnetic frequencies and creating electromagnetic fences could modify the mental state of top government officials in these weak states, especially when that benefits Washington? Or who cares if the CIA’s discharging of psychotronic generators could cause central nervous system damage and Trisomy 21, a chromosome abnormality associated with severe intellectual and personality impairment?

Shouldn’t the taking of our few patriots hostage to smoothen western looters’ operations be what the CIA should be doing? That some morally bankrupt Nigerians are used to dominate its economic and political affairs isn’t okay. Why should it bother the strongest that as a result of these, Nigeria is today a desolate country, a graveyard of disenfranchised population with broken dreams?

No doubt, Joseph Nye was right when he revealed that actually the strongest export to the weak totalitarian democracy is a dummy democracy where not the elected politicians, but some smuggled in technocrats, run the economy. How America today imposes its puppets on us was how Britain imposed its puppets on America. This led Thomas Jefferson in 1800 to angrily warn, “Single act of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of the day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period, and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers too plainly proves a deliberate, systematic plan of reducing us to slavery.”

Of course, being angry because your country’s wealth is being plundered by a ‘big thief’ is understandable. But, shouldn’t the discovery that some worse mayhem has been committed by the same thief be a source of relief? Or how should disgracing a sitting French President, Charles de Gaulle, out of office in April 1969 for daring  to challenge the dollar’s global de facto excesses be qualified? What about the overthrow of Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh in August 1953 simply for nationalising the Iranian oil industry? Or was Guatemalan President Jacobo Arbenez not overthrown in 1954 by the CIA because he was reforming his country’s land; a policy that would have reduced the land occupied by Rockefeller’s United Fruit Company in the country?

Have we forgotten the ‘Jesus-like’ torture and brutal murder of Patrice Émery Lumumba in January 1961 because he was promoting economic nationalism in his newly independent Congo? What about the case of Africa’s foremost continental nationalist, Kwame Nkrumah, of Ghana, who was overthrown in February 1966 and poisoned in April 1972 for dreaming to have a United States of Africa? Getting finally home: Wasn’t Murtala Muhammed assassinated in February 1976 simply because he was championing the nationalisation of Nigeria’s oil industry?

But there’s a take home optimism for us. That is, that rather than the CIA advancing Nigeria’s breakup, it’s actually the reverse that it’s pursuing. That can’t be truer, given that the CIA’s trademark is deception. With this said, let’s now proceed to rationalise why it is true.

First, dissolving the present Nigeria prejudiced toward promoting Washington’s imperial interests would mean Washington shooting itself in the foot; afterall Nigeria’s rivalry status as a result of leading the ECOWAS Monitoring Group has since been removed with the formation of the Africa Crises Response Initiative by Washington as a parallel military counterforce.

Second, rather than breaking up Nigeria or helping to block China’s growing influence in Africa’s largest oil and gas producer, in fact, will achieve the opposite. Or shouldn’t the-would-be-emergent micro nation-states be more nationalist interest-driven and more pro-China in their business dealings since they should be more interested in maximising national self-interests? Or is the present scramble for puppets and protégée positions by Nigerian leaders not more beneficial to Washington? 

Third, in the world of realpolitik, shouldn’t the CIA be more afraid of an Igbo nation-state, a Yoruba nation-state, a Northern Nigeria nation-state, and a Niger Delta nation-state than today’s Nigeria, at least given that they will fiercely oppose the United States looting their natural resources? In short, the dissolution of Nigeria would also mean for Washington the end of divide and rule, since the microstates could emerge indivisible states.

Finally, in all this confusion, let’s not forget that the present-day crisis-ridden Nigeria has benefitted Washington enormously. Not only Nigeria’s whopping $10 billion spent just in two years to fight Boko Haram went into US technology equipment procurement purchases, but also the training of Nigeria’s antiterrorist personnel and the hiring of FBI field experts. The huge cost is not only money, but also America’s unlimited access to Nigeria’s top national security files and archives.

While we couldn’t do much to stop this ever-powerful modern-day Caesar, the truth is that nature is already revenging on our behalf. Looking around today! What do we see than that the same way original Caesar ended that is how the present-day fake Caesar is about ending? Vocally speaking against this Machiavellian-Darwinian attitude, Buddha reminds us that ”Whoever tries to seek happiness through hurting others can neither find happiness nor his children.” Also one of the laws of physics which tells that action and reaction are equal and opposite is already catching up with the American Empire. Today, America’s vast empire built on plunder is fast crumbling, and soon the world will wake to a Chinese century. When that happens, the speed with which the world will forget that there was once a roaring CIA is unimaginable.

– Enwegbara, an international financial analyst wrote in from Abuja via basil_enwegbara@yahoo.com 07038501486

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
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