Why Mazi nnamdi kanu ask for the liberation of humanity

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I’ve stated numerous times that mortal creatures are made up of BEINGS and HUMANS! And any BEING whose HUMAN component is not engaged and properly fostered has the potential to become more harmful than all wild creatures combined! This is due to the fact that only mortal beings have the ability to turn anything into a weapon. Only mortals are capable of conducting research, developing dangerous chemicals and agents, and employing them.

Furthermore, BEINGS believe they own themselves, other people & places in this world. This flies in the face of the obvious fact that every mortal being is a by-product of two strangers’ sexual intercourse & arrives into this (otherwise unknown world), totally naked, empty-handed, helpless, hopeless, useless & vulnerable to the extent that, they must totally depend on other people for their SURVIVAL! BEINGS also believe that mortal beings belong to the animal kingdom, are primates to apes & monkeys & are higher or more intelligent animals!

This is, in spite of the fact that apes, monkeys & all other animals depend totally on mortal beings and/or nature for the reproduction of the standard food they universally consume worldwide from specie to specie! In addition, in the animal kingdom itself, apes, monkeys, dogs, and elephants are higher & more intelligent animals compared to goats, sheep & squirrels for example! Academically educated BEINGS know that it is foolish to prefer golden eggs to the geese that laid them, but they instigate and/or carry out killings & destruction of mortal beings, who recreate from things already created, give names & value to everything that has meaning & value. There weren’t things like money, crude oil, science or religion if not for mortal beings!

They kill for things they don’t own, things they didn’t create, things they didn’t bring into this world & things they can never be able to take out of this world, irrespective of the evil alliances, secret societies & ammunition they formed against humanity! They are blind to the fact that these things must reject, deny, disown, abandon & denounce each of them as they must depart from this world alone, lonely & empty-handed!

Mortal beings are not animals, but beings operating without the human component are sub-animal in behaviour & action!

Just take a good look at Boris Johnson in this video clip & understand what I mean!

Beings are made up of Stack illiterates & academically educated otelectuals, who may appear as geniuses in the eyes of Stack illiterate beings but foolish in the eyes of intellectuals, who are human beings!

Stack illiterate beings are evil tools in the hands of academically/religiously educated otelectuals!

Academically educated BEING operating without the HUMAN component is far DANGEROUS that STACK illiterate BEING operating without the HUMAN component, this video clip below explains it!

Read more below for a deeper understanding!

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is an intellectual, a human being & great asset to humanity! He coined the very useful word ‘otelectual’ (see below) for meaning & understanding!

In this transient life, we have STACK ILLITERATES, OTELECTUALS & INTELLECTUALS. Now, locate where you belong.


These are people with or without academic education that are conditioned by OTELECTUALS. They believe in & depend on OTELECTUALS, irrespective of how many times OTELECTUALS lie, deceive, steal, exploit & dehumanize them. They even fight for & defend OTELECTUALS, who enslave & destroy them. Likewise, they are BEINGS, who operate without the HUMAN component & serve as dangerous tools in the hands of OTELECTUALS! No matter how many times OTELECTUALS betray & create problems for them, they still look up to OTELECTUALS for solutions!


These are BEINGS operating without HUMAN component, who are conditioned by their malfunctioning and/or malfunctioned parents, ancestors, praisesingers, with man-made limited academic & religious knowledge! They have top marks in their 1st, 2nd & doctorate degrees and experts in their chosen fields of academic endeavours! They analyze on based on their plausible academic parameters but can’t do enough to critically analyze, in order to understand how limited man-made academic & religious educations are! Not only that, but they always sound impressive to STARCK ILLITERATES but foolish to HUMAN BEINGS! OTELECTUALS reason from other parts of their body not their brains! Hence, they are blind to the fact that nothing is original from mortal beings therefore, nothing deposited in this world by them, their parents & ancestors is nor can be limitless or without room for improvement! They are liars, who claim to own the future, even when it is obvious that no mortal being is guaranteed tomorrow.

Though they are by-products of two strangers’ sexual intercourse; they believe they own themselves, other people & places in this world! Though they were brought into this world totally empty-handed, they delude themselves to think that they are creators & creatures! They also believe that mortal beings, who are the only agents in this world that have autonomy & choice over what they cultivate & reproduce for feeding…mortal beings, who alone can manufacture, deploy & use weapons…mortal beings who carry out experiments & produce all manner of chemical & poisonous agents are animals! They claim that mortal beings are ‘primates’ to apes & monkeys, that they belong to the animal kingdom or are higher & more intelligent animals. Apes, monkeys & others are totally dependent on mortal beings and/or nature for the reproduction of the food they universally consume from specie to specie worldwide! Because of these wild & irresponsible beliefs, OTELECTUALS designed animal-infested narratives & concepts such as ‘Survival of the fittest’ & ‘Winner takes all’ in their weird thinking that, their survival depends on restricting, subduing, exploiting, enslaving, annexing & destroying others!

OTELECTUALS are primarily driven by the evil spirit of lack of contentment which causes them to exhibit envy, jealousy & hatred of others & leads them to steal, kill & destroy! All these are the reasons behind the senseless alliances, secret societies & ammunition they formed, without knowing that, in the end (at the point of exit), all these MUST disown, reject, deny, abandon & denounce each of them as, they depart from this world alone, lonely & empty-handed! OTELECTUALS CAN’T THINK OUTSIDE THE VERY LIMITED ACADEMIC BOX!


These are mortal beings, whose HUMAN component was not only activated but also properly nurtured! They may not be academically educated but are very likely to be highly prudent academically to see beyond academia with a view to improving it! They appreciate & understand the true identity, meaning, origin & purpose of human beings in this transient life! Furthermore, they appreciate that every mortal being comes into this world totally empty-handed but with unique yet limited gifts to discover, harness, develop & contribute to humanity.

Besides, they know that only the invisible CREATOR is to be worshipped, but humanity is to be served by only solving human problems with one’s unique gifts! Human Beings know that irrespective of how good & useful; everything is deposited by limited mortal beings have room for improvement! Human Beings recognize & understand the wrong, animal infested narratives & concepts that are embedded in academic & religious studies coupled with political & cultural discords instilled by the BEINGS of this earth! It is upon all these that, Human Beings continuously seek & devise Human-friendly & compatible concepts & narratives for incorporation into humanity! Human Beings think both from inside & outside the box.

They know that every child represents a seed with a unique, huge but invisible tree meant for the service of humanity. Human Beings understand that all a child needs (as a unique seed), is fertile soil. IT IS THESE ABILITIES OF HUMAN BEINGS THAT LED MAZI NNAMDI KANU TO ASK FOR THE LIBERATION OF HUMANITY & COIN THE VERY USEFUL WORD OR TERM ‘OTELECTUALS’ & I COULDN’T AGREE MORE!

-P.E.I. (Advocate4humanity.)


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