The West Hypocrisy Part 1

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I am an African student who has studying and living in the Finland for the past 6 years. I successfully completed my studies and I have been looking for a job in the Finland since then. In the meanwhile I get by doing menial work which I know I am way too qualified for. In fact at my current place of work all my superiors’ qualifications don’t even come close to my qualifications. I have not been able to secure a professional job for excuses that range from plain old Finnish language skills to the outright racism. I am resigned to the fact that recruiters stop reading my CV after reading my name. My name is not Finnish enough. I agree language skills maybe a problem but I only apply for jobs that require English speakers, and English is the language of communication within the organization. Come to think of it language skills is not really the problem because I know foreigners in this country who speak fluent Finnish but do not get employed because they do not have blonde hair and blue eyes. The foreigner job seeker’s curse in Finland.

I traveled back to my native country this festive season and I was shocked to see the number of white people in my country, Finns included. Prior to traveling home I had almost bought into the notion that we African have really invaded Finland and Europe as a whole. The stories of the ship loads of Africans trying to reach Europe made me believe that we were really invading Europe. On traveling back home all my fears were allied because if it is anything, the contrary is happening. I drove along the most prestigious neighborhood in my country and to my surprise the majority of the people there were whites. This is not because we Africans don’t like living in such neighborhoods, but this is because all the multinationals that set up shop in Africa insist on the top management tier being entirely white. The irony here is this, I cannot get a job in Finland because I am a foreigner with insufficient Finnish language skills to communicate in Finland. A Finnish company sets up shop in Kenya and the entire top management is Finnish with zero local language skills and terrible English at best. Imagine an African company setting up shop in Finland and insisting that the entire top management be sourced from Africa. I would like to see the drama that ensures during the application of work permits for the African expatriate. I am sure the far right political parties will have gotten an outright win in the next elections if such a scenario was to ever happen.

I ask aren’t there any qualified Africans who can do this ‘expatriates’ jobs. I have studied in Finland with my Finnish classmates and when an exam was difficult we all failed and vice versa. So I am just as qualified as them, at least that’s what my degree certificate states, so at what point does my Finnish colleague become more qualified than me to run an organization in my home country. All this is happening at a time in which right wing political parties are gaining popularity in Finland and in Europe as a whole. Their core agenda is to get rid of foreigners who reside within their respective countries. Immigration as gotten out of control is their banner. This immigrants do menial jobs which the whites themselves do not want to do anyway. At the same time a good number of white population is in Africa occupying the best jobs for which there are many qualified Africans willing and ready to do the job. Tit for tat is a fair game, I think it is time we in Africa nurture far right political parties with anti western sentiments, to level the playing grounds which are currently skewed against us. We need more Julius Malemas and Robert Mugabes.

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