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Why I choose to honour T.A Orji Media Tour Invitation

When Governor T.A Orji's media tour invitation landed on my desk, I wanted to turn it down, T. A Orji as we all know is not a brand a beginner should associate with , the deplorable roads in Aba that we see on social media are not helping his brand at all and such brand must be avoided at all cost

However, I decided to consult mentors and people who I respect their opinion and they encouraged me to go with a caveat: to be objective and write what I saw and not the other way round

One of the cardinal principles of Law is to hear the other side before making your conclusion and since I have been on T.A Orji case for so long , It is imperative I visit his state and see what really is on ground

I decided to make this post because some mischievous people have been going round social media, doing a campaign of calumny that Bloggers were invited to Abia state to collect Brown envelop

People, yours sincerely have not seen Brown envelope talkess of collecting one, I paid for my flight and up till now, organizers of the meeting are yet to reimburse me

The people who brought us have taken us round Umuahia to showcase what T.A Orji has done and to be fair to him, Abia state is not all bad news, I saw with pictorial evidence, massive Projects going on in Umuahia

However, Umuahia is just one town In Abia, we are yet to tour Aba and other town in this state and so I wont say anything till we are done tomorrow

It is sheer wickedness to brand people who decided to leave what they are doing to Honour Ochendo's Invitation hungry people, Hungry because you hate Ochendo and anybody that goes close to him must be seen in the same light.

The bloggers and social media Influencers that are currently In Abia State are accomplished Individuals guys making the lame accusation cant stand up to because I have seen the leading light of New media here starting from Popular Nicholas Ibekwe of T.B Joshua fame to Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, also the guy that runs Nigerian News Desk is here , Stanley Azukola of Scoop is also here. Chinedu Ekeke. Olori super Gal and Cheta Nweze and many others are here touring the state and these guys in the real sense of the world are not hungry and are comfortable with what they earn

Nigerians are indeed peculiar people and the way we process our thoughts is amazing

So far so good, Im enjoying myself here and I owe my readers one debt, to be objective and candid in making my final report and that I will do to shame traducers who think that Life is all about money

Good evening people

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