My daughter seduced me -she enjoyed it

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A 37-year old man from Akwa Ibom State, Philips Ben, who allegedly put his 12-year-old daughter in the family way, claimed he was seduced by the girl. Besides, he denied responsibility for the unborn child, report Jude Isiguzo and Kemi Aribo

Many were shocked yesterday when a man who allegedly put his daughter in the family way was paraded at the Police Public Relations Office, Oduduwa, Ikeja, Lagos.

The suspect, Philips Ben, from Akwa-Ibom State, allegedly defiled his 12-year-old daughter who is believed to be carrying his baby.

However, the 37-year-old suspect claimed that he was not responsible for the girl’s pregnancy, but was only trying to cover up the shame she brought to his family.

Though the man did not deny sleeping with the girl, he maintained that he was not the one who deflowered her.

Her class teacher, he claimed, was the one who noticed some changes in her and reported to him, adding that after carrying out his own independent investigation, he confirmed the pregnancy.

On how he started sleeping with his daughter, the suspect recalled that he came home one day and saw her lying nude on the bed. He got carried away, he added.

Ben said: “It was my daughter that seduced me. She was always coming to me and would be robbing my nipple and I could not resist her. That was how we started. She caused it.

{div width:250|height:250|float:left}{module Inside Advert|none}{/div}”I was enjoying it before but now, I feel ashamed that my sins have been exposed. I regret everything because it was the work of the devil and my not listening to the word of God.”

The 12-year old girl told The Nation that after sleeping with her, her father would give her hot drink” and some kind of medicine that would serve as pills to avoid pregnancy.

“I could not tell anybody because my father threatened that he would kill me, if he found out that I did. I have lost count of the number of times he slept with me because he has been doing it in the last two years. He was even starving me of food each time I refused him or told him that I was tired.”

Police spokesman, Frank Mba, said that the event that led to the suspect’s arrest started on June 8 when a good samaritan who had been watching the young girl, noticed obvious signs of pregnancy.

“Already, a teacher in the school had noticed this same sign. It was a good samaritan working in close partnership with the teacher that confronted the girl and she confessed that the father had been having sexual intercourse with her,” he said.

The matter was reported at Ipakodo Police Station in Ikorodu.

Mba disclosed that the police had carried out a medical test on the girl at Ikorodu General Hospital where the pregnancy was confirmed. According to our findings, “this man was using threat of immediate harm, threat of death and starvation to actually force the young girl into a sexual submission.”, Mba said.

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