Op ed

Yet another WMD story to “BELIEVE”

Another claim to create fear of Iran now , instead of Iraq. This statement is just another in a long list of facts, deceptions and mis-information that go to make up the shadows covering the truth behind the Iranian Bomb capibility.—————–
Please, the WAR mongerers are at it again. Israel, AIPAC, & Mossad setting America up again to do their bidding on enemies they created.——————–
Enough is enough, where are the promises made,bring our troops home. Take care of Americans,build jobs at home. Other then war machines.—————–
We are destroying ourselves by fighting others fights for them. Nothing is further from the truth then fear & war mongering out of Washington, DC.——————–
Remember all the mis-information on WMD held by Iraq, now we are to believe the same crap again. Iran is a threat. Horse crap. Just another ploy in a long list to distract from the reforms we need in America.———–
HOW ABOUT the fact that a rogue state like Israel has nuclear war heads NOW!!—- They are the most dangerous people on earth. —————
Concentrate on PEACE, a Democratic one state solution. Separation of Church & State. —–PEACE 4 ALL–TAKE DOWN THE WALL………….

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