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Response to Semenya Controversy

Codewit Newsletter 23 Edition Vol III 2009-07-19 – Semenya Controvesy Codewit.com

Response to Semenya Controversy

Dr Julie Wee

Melbourne, Australia


In truth, the Castar Semenya controversy  has been a poorly handled gender issue. I feel great sympathy for  Castar Semenya who through a naturally occurring anomaly, which should have been detected at a national level, has been publically outed, internationally,  in a most unfortunate manner .

It saddens me to read this article in which the  writer attempts to portray the  reaction to this athlete’s performance  as a white racist plot. That Castar Semenya was selected to compete on the international stage points to a fundamental  flaw in modern day attitudes to sport and national pride that  is the medal (or winning) is more important than basic human dignity and rights.

Black athletes , both male and female, have excelled internationally for years . Their continued emergence, from the African states in particular,  will have more to do with  their natural athletic abilities, improved economic  development , improved educational standards and political stability in their countries of origins than any reliance on misguided white conspiracy theories.

I personally look forward to watching and celebrating the performance of African athletes of  excellent calibre in future international meets. Let ’s hope that we can all celebrate the success of all athletes without prejudice.

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