The plight of Nigerians abroad: with emphasis on Malaysia (part i)

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This column has been off for sometime now due to the death of my brother. I was down and out. In my condition some weeks ago, I opened my mouth, but, words didn’t come out; I picked up the pen to write, but, my hand was jittery and weary; my brain couldn’t think out anything and my strength failed me. I am getting stronger everyday.

First of all, I must start by thanking all who sent me their condolences and commiserated with me on the death of my brother. I cannot write the names of everybody that showed concern here due to lack of space and time, but, I never knew that so many people cared; I am indebted to you all. As I wrote in my last article which you can access through this link:, Udochi`s life ended even before it had started, he was about knowing what life is all about before it all ended. It is one of the worst experiences when someone looses a relation in his or her prime, I don’t wish it to anybody. Those of you that visited or called or wrote in commiseration, helped in soothing and uplifting me, your words of consolation made me stronger. It is always good to know that friends and well wishers will stand by a person to share in his/her joy or sorrow. You all helped me to get through the pains. I appreciate your sympathies and concerns and will always remember them. I will not be able to share the condolence mails I received with my readers because they are personal to me, but, all those that wrote had words of comfort for me that were like tonic that helped in reviving my sagging spirit. The words I heard or read from people gingered me up. For many that couldn’t visit or call or write, I know that you had me in your thoughts and prayers in this trying time. I am grateful and I know that my late brother, Udochi (had he known what is going on) will still be grateful to you all.

Udochi has paid his price, I only pray that his blood that was shed on a Nigerian road and that of others that are being shed everyday on Nigerian death traps called roads will be the sacrifice that will jolt the conscience of the heartless ruling class and their cohorts and spur them into action to work for the good of all Nigerians.

For all of us still living, let’s make our life worthy of emulation. It is not how long we live that is important, but, how well. One of our church songs (Anglican Communion) has the words that “when our strives on earth are over, only our work when we were alive will be the thing we will be remembered for”. Udochi lived well that even at that age, he made positive impact in so many people’s lives, that’s the most important thing. Udochi was buried on October 14, 2008. Now life must go on.

Before going further, there are recent happenings in Nigeria that I want to comment on briefly.


The Sun Newspapers of October 13, 2008 with the headline “How Nigerian died in China –Envoy”, wrote:

“The Chinese Consul General in Lagos said a 28-year-old Nigerian who died in China fell on a staircase contrary to allegations that Chinese security men killed him. The Consulate General spokesperson Mao Yizong said local authorities in Guangzhou, China have said Ojide John Ekene fell on the staircase of Yulong building as he tried to run to urinate, adding that in the process he got a heavy hit on his head. We have contacted the local authority in Guangzhou and got the report of this case according to the records provided by many parties. The fact is: September 25th, Ojide John Ekene wanted to urinate somewhere inside Yulong building but had been refused by the security men of the company. The two parties quarrelled for a while before Ojide chose to run to answer nature’s call in the D exit of Sanyuanli metro station. Unfortunately, he fell on the staircase and got a heavy hit on his head. There was a mild exchange of words between the security men and Ojide over where or not to urinate. The security men objected to his urge to answer ‘nature’s call,’ while “abusing him and calling him derogatory names, the source said. It will be recalled that Daily Sun’s source in China had earlier said Chinese security men killed Ojide after he was clubbed with heavy iron rods as he tried to urinate where they were on duty”.

The Chinese Consul General in Lagos lied to Nigerians. Such lies and fabrications make me hit the roof. Infact what the Daily Sun Newspapers reported earlier before the Chinese Consul General refuted it, was the truth. Ojide John Ekene was indeed clubbed to death. It is only in Nigeria that a foreign consulate will be able to deceive its host nation and gets away with it. Are Nigerians believing what the Chinese official said that happened to the Nigerian they murdered in cold blood in China even when evidence abound about the killing? One of my readers in China sent me a detailed account of what happened to the Nigerian weeks before the Sun Newspapers published the lies from the Chinese Consul General. This Nigerian in China wanted me to publish his account of the incident (which tallied with the first account the Sun Newspapers published) so that the world will know the kind of ill-treatment meted to Nigerians in China. I couldn’t publish the mail then due to the tragedy that befell me. It is unfortunate that it is only Nigerian citizens that can be callously killed or humiliated in a foreign land without our government demanding an explanation for it; it is only Nigerian souls that can be wasted by a foreign country without consequences for such actions; it is only Nigerians that can die in a foreign land, albeit, unjustly and everybody will pretend as if nothing happened.

I wonder what the Chinese want to achieve by spewing out lies against this dead Nigerian. It is how they are killing Nigerians when and how they like it since nobody will question them for such killings and no consequences will result from those murdering. Had Nigeria leaders that know their onions, the Chinese wouldn’t have tried to pull a rug over our eyes. The Chinese are taking all of us as fools, this is an affront on our sensitivity, because they should have known that there were Nigerians and other nationals that witnessed how Mr. Ekene died; they (the Chinese) coming out to give an adulterated version of the incident is because they know that nothing will ever happen to them for this and other atrocities they are committing against Nigerians in their country. I will be waiting to see what the Nigerian government will do here; the Nigerian embassy in China that is on the ground and is supposed to have a first hand information about what really happened to the Nigerian on that fateful day is still keeping mute in the face of this blatant lies from the Chinese officials. I will be waiting to see how the Nigerian officials in China will react. It is totally unacceptable to waste a soul just like that and tries to cover it up; I hope the Chinese are not taking Nigerians as “chickens” that can be slaughtered when and how they deemed fit.

This is the first hand account of what happened to Ojide John Ekene. I received it from one of my readers in China by the name, Kevin. He sent me this mail on September 25, 2008:

Dear Ubochi,


I has been reading your postings in the news about the persecution our people are going through in Asian countries, atimes I blame our people for being at fault, but not all, there are still good Nigerians in every country, but they see everybody as drug dealers, crooks, fraudsters e.t.c. About this story I am telling you now is what that just happened in my face today’s (25 Sept. 2008) evening, just few hours ago in a place called Guangyuan xilu, dragon building near Sanyuanli or the place called (Igboezue) in Guangzhou city in China, this is a popular place, an open market known for stock jeans and other clothes. Just this evening an innocent Nigerian that came here on business trip was on his way back to his hotel room, wanted to urinate, due to that he can not hold it to his hotel, he decided to urinate somewhere by the road side, an area that is a little bit far from where people often stay, main road side which is the best place he can do that as there was no other alternative for him, and the Chinese people do the same there too. As he can not bear it to his hotel room, he was there urinating when one security man just hit him on the head with baton and he fell down there and die instantly, why not just arrest him and fine him than hitting him? By the time people were gathering there, the security man ran away and the police men begin to chase away angry brothers that were about to demonstrate there.

This is exactly what happened this evening, but, before you know it, the Chinese people will turn it into a different story. This is a very big case our embassy and government are supposed to follow up and talk to the government in Beijing because they are not aware that many people are loosing their life in this city Guangzhou. After this they will keep on harassing people about visa issue, they will deny you visa even if you have not finish the business you are doing in their city, sometimes they will even reduce the long term visa you got from another different city so that they will count you as an illegal person and wait for the fine you will pay to them.

Please in your next publication, try and add this latest issue so that our people and our government will be seeing what our brothers are passing through in China, while many Chinese are in Chinese village in Lagos doing their business without any disturbance from our people, I think now is the time to start fighting their people in Africa too, can you imagine an ordinary security man I regard as a tout harassing a foreigner that came to their country on business trip. I am not talking about the bribe they are collecting from people that overstayed their visa and will let them go, anytime again they see you again they will hold you for another money and if you can’t afford that anymore they will hand you over to the immigration officials. An ordinary local security man that did not finish primary school will be disgracing an international business man that came to China. I will just stop here for now. I just forwarded this to you so that you can add it in your next publication for people to read. Thanks.





Onyekwere, also living in China, sent me this after The Sun Newspapers´ publication of the Chinese Consul General’s statement (he attached the publication to his mail):

Dear Temple,

Please read these lies! The Man was murdered by a security man! In Guangzhou, ordinary security personnel work as immigration or police officers and have the right to arrest any thing Black! They are being used to intimidate, harass and beat many blacks, they used to beat them into blue black and sometimes they fall into coma! My friend, who is a Nigerian /German, was harassed as he was about checking in into a hotel when he visited. Blacks walking on the streets are always being harassed by the securities in Guangzhou! So I repeat, they are all liars!

The Daily Independent Newspapers of October 14, 2008 with the caption “No Case Against Obasanjo, Ex-Govs – EFCC”, wrote:

“Chairman of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Farida Waziri, doused the possibility of prosecuting former President Olusegun Obasanjo and 31 former Governors indicted by former EFCC boss, Nuhu Ribadu, on corruption charges.

Waziri said the allegations so far against the former Governors were weak to compel prosecution. While explaining that some petitions the Commission received against some former Governors during the reign of former EFCC boss, Nuhu Ribadu, were not substantial to arraign them, Waziri noted that the Commission under her leadership was yet to find the petitions certain persons and groups were claiming to have forwarded to EFCC.

No case against Obasanjo. No petition has been received against Obasanjo. Those received against 31 former Governors are weak and cannot stand the test of time. Most cases mentioned by the former EFCC Chairman turned out not to have strong and enough facts to charge them to court. The case files I inherited are scanty. There are some bulky files that, when you open them you don’t find statements of the appeal, and it is difficult to take them to court. In prima facie, there is no case, Waziri said.

However, despite Waziri’s claim, eight of the former governors are presently in court being tried on charges of corruption and abuse of office. The former Governors presently on trial include James Ibori (Delta), Chimaroke Nnamani (Enugu), Lucky Igbinedion (Edo), Orji Uzor Kalu (Abia), Saminu Turaki (Jigawa), Joshua Dariye (Plateau), Boni Haruna (Adamawa), and Jolly Nyame (Taraba)”.

Habaa Madam Waziri, what’s the shit are you talking about, what you said is nauseating; people like you make me sick. I may borrow a word and a question from Mr. Osita Okechukwu of CNPP; I will say that Madam Waziri is being economical with the truth. If it is true as she claimed that there is no case against anybody, on what basis are eight former governors being tried? What file is being used to prosecute them? She has just confirmed our suspicion that she is a surrogate. She didn’t come to fight corruption. She came to serve the interest of those that appointed her. We have been vindicated.


It is unfortunate that they have finally flattened out Nuhu Ribadu as he can’t come out to refute what this woman said. What a country have we? I hope Nuhu will resign in December, as being speculated, from the Police Force and take up the job at the United Nations as the anti cyber crime chief, otherwise they might eliminate him once and for all. These people are dangerous.


The recantation by Waziri’s EFCC a day later that it has not drawn the curtain on the investigation and prosecution of some former governors as being insinuated in some newspapers, is only a fire bridge approach, the damage has already being done, they are just trying to cover up. Ms. Waziri might have mistakenly revealed to the public the secret she and her mentors have (to scuttle all the prosecutions initiated by Nuhu Ribadu as EFCC Chief) and this latest effort of hers is just to fool people again with the false hope of going full throttle against corruption and the perpetrators, nothing is going to happen as long as this gang is still in power.

In my article of Monday July 28, 2008, published in this website, I wrote among other things:

“Just think of it, nobody hears again about all investigations initiated against the corrupt practices of some of our officials: The case of the Defence Attaché might have been buried. What of Siemensgate, Wilbros scandal, why is it that none of the corrupt ex-governors and government officials so far charged has been convicted despite all the evidence against them? I will not be surprised if at a point, we will hear nothing about those cases again. Oh Nigeria, there is something wrong with you!!!”

Part of what I wrote in my article of Friday August 8, 2008, published in this website is:

“This president is not yet serious with governance; I hate hearing him claiming falsely to be a servant leader and defender of rule of law. I hate to hear the Minister of Justice and the Attorney General saying rubbish about the rule of law. Now their plans have worked; ex-governors George Akume, Orji Uzoh Kalu, Chimaroke Nnamani, James Ibori, Turaki, etc must now be opening their champagnes, but, let them know that “man proposes but God disposes”, they will never go scout free after shortchanging their people as they did, with or without Nuhu Ribadu, they will face justice one day. This President has actually sold his conscience to those corrupt officials who bankrolled his election.

Now I know why good people don’t want anything to do with government, now I understand why people left our governments at all tiers in the hands of drug barons, assassins, 419 kingpins, occultists and ritualists, ex-convicts, morons etc. Nigeria is not worth dying for with the calibre of men at the helm. Ribadu did all for Nigeria only to be demoted and may face treason charges. I don’t see the country “making it” no matter what people say or do, only God can save Nigeria. Let those “wolves in sheep’s clothing” in corridors of power know that with such attitude and frame of mind of theirs, the days of Nigeria are numbered, God will never allow this injustice to continue, let those gangs and cliques occupying the authority positions and using them for their selfish ends think about the consequences of their actions, they are forcing Nigerians to the edge and that can be catastrophic”.

In my article of Thursday July 4, 2008, published in this website, I wrote among other things:

“As I have said before, Nigeria has only one problem and that is corruption; it is the primary problem from which all other problems emanated. If corruption is curbed, every other problem will vamoose with a jiffy from the landscape.

How can Nigeria tackle corruption? The new EFCC boss Ms. Waziri, is promising fire and brimstone, but, she should start cracking; talk is talk and cheap, we don’t want her to be a replica of her sponsor – the Attorney General – that is wasting his time only doing the talking while his attitude is another thing. The first signs coming out of her office don’t depict her as a serious crime buster no matter what she says.”

Part of what I wrote in my article of Friday May 30, 2008, published in this website, is:


“What can one expect from a man that had/has clients like Akume, Atiku, Ibori, Dan Etete etc before becoming a minister? Unless Aoondakaa is shown the door as the AGF, the war against corruption will get to nowhere and unless he is out, the office of the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice will always be compromised in the fight against corruption. “A hyena can’t look after the sheep, a goat can’t be selected to guard the yam barn, and a hawk can’t be the best guard to look after the chicks”. Something is wrong here, we need a new AGF. “

From these passages I lifted from my previous articles, one can infer that I correctly anticipated all these, I saw it all coming. We can as well kiss the war against corruption in Nigeria good-bye. Think about the message this woman that is more interested in maintaining her look than in doing her job, is sending out there? This woman is only interested in being photogenic and not in fighting corruption. All the criminals in and outside the corridors of power will see this as a blank cheque to loot anything, anywhere and anyhow without any fear of later prosecution anymore. So now, let the looting begin proper. To the loot oh politicians! Nigeria will not survive this.

Just passing comments: I watched the boxing contest between our own Peter Samuel and Vitali klitschko (36 wins and 35 knockouts) here in Germany in which Peter surrendered the belt after the eighth round, meaning that he lost the WBC heavyweight fight on knock out (K.O) basis. Samuel Peter wasn’t his old self throughout the fight. I suspect a manipulation. Peter, dubbed the “Nigerian Nightmare” with a record of 30 wins and 2 defeats, managed just once to defend the title he won against Russia’s Oleg Maskaev on March 8, 2008 and never threatened Klitschko in any way. Vitali Klitschko was rarely troubled as he constantly landed telling punches while Peter rarely made telling counter attacks, it was just like somebody beating a child silly.

I hope it was not a stage-managed fight by the boxing mafia (Don King) who might have promised Peter money, more fighting chances in the future and fame to lose the fight because Klitschko winning will bring in more money on the short run as his days in the boxing ring are numbered. The klitschko bothers are now world heavyweight champions of different boxing federations at the same time. I boasted to my German colleagues few days to the fight that it will all end in a knock out for Samuel Peter based on his performance when he met the junior Klitschko in the United States last year where he knocked Vladimir klitschko (IBF, WBO and IBO heavyweight champion )down so many times, but, still lost the match. Then, I thought that he was robbed of victory and that his meeting of the senior brother to Vladimir this time around would have afforded him the opportunity for a revenge and to prove his mettle, but, I was completely wrong.

After the fight, I started feigning ignorance of what happened or how the fight went, claiming that I didn’t watch the fight as I have no passion for boxing, all in my effort to cover up my shame. Minutes before the boxing contest started, video clips and messages from almost all the former World Boxing Council (WBC) champions (Evander Holyfield, George Foreman, Joe Frazier, Mike Tyson and Lewis) was shown on the television endorsing klitschko, giving him moral support by telling him to go in there and finish the job against Peter Samuel. The irony there was that all these ex-champions are blacks, but, giving their moral support to a white guy against a fellow black brother. Something must have been wrong there. I hope that one day, we will learn of what really happened in the cabins.


To the main points of this article: From my last article, came also feedbacks as regards to the plight of Nigerians abroad and I have decided to take up Malaysia. Malaysia had its independence almost at the time Nigeria had its own; the two countries started the struggle almost at once. Malaysia in the 1960s and early 1970s was an agrarian society that envied Nigeria in all aspects then. Nigeria had an edge then over it because of our cash crops and oil that was discovered. Malaysia came to Nigeria to learn about the cultivation of palm trees and even bought their first palm seedlings from Nigeria. Then Nigeria was the biggest exporter of palm oil and by-products. Today, Malaysia that came and learnt how to cultivate palm trees from Nigeria, is the biggest exporter of palm oil and products while Nigeria, the teacher, is no where to be found in the list. That will tell you everything about our country.

Few weeks ago, Nigeria fooled itself by “celebrating” its 48 years as an “independent” country. There is nothing in Nigeria to celebrate about. Nigeria is a country built on lies, greed, deceit and cheating; it is a country of clowns, 419ners, drug pushers, prostitutes, sophisticated armed robbers, criminals of all shades, ritualists, occults, forgers, blood suckers and drinkers, heartless people, looters and embezzlers of the people’s commonwealth; a country that has one of the most rugged pen robbers on earth, one of the most corrupt countries in the world, a country of morons and dunces as leaders.

Was an aspersion cast on Nigeria? Is Nigeria a cursed nation? Ghana was so backward in the 1970s and early 1980s that many of its nationals rushed into Nigeria then to eke out a living. From there many of them made the money they used in travelling to Europe and America. Worst still, many of them used Nigerian passport surreptitiously because then Nigerians had visa-free entry into so many countries and where visa was required, as a Nigerian then, the conditions weren’t stringent. Many Ghanaians entered England then as Nigerians and Nigerians on their own part refused to leave for overseas because Nigeria then was comparatively better (many folds) than Nigeria of today. Nigeria even deported Ghanaians then. Today, the table has turn, Nigerian people and businesses are rushing to Ghana that had nothing when Nigeria had something.


Angola fought a fratricidal civil war that lasted into the 1980s; land mines littered the entire landscape that maimed and killed millions that survived the bullets. Angola just recovered from that war and its ripple effects. Now Angola has taken over from Nigeria as the largest exporter of crude oil in Africa due to the crisis in the Niger Delta Region, many oil companies have re-located their administrative headquarters to Angola because the environment there is more conducive than in Nigeria, but, sadly, Nigerians are running into Angola to look for ways to make a living. Nigeria fought a civil war beforeAngola that we claimed ended 38 years ago, but, still the scars are everywhere to be seen; there is no positive change(s) from that unfortunate experience, but, Angola just ended its own civil war few years back, and has turned everything around in such a little space of time, now Nigerians are running in droves into there.


Liberia ended its civil war also recently; Nigeria even helped to bring “peace” and calm to that country. Nigeria sent then troops under ECOMOG banner that only went on looting spree there instead of keeping the peace. Today, many Nigerians have found in Liberia a home.


Apartheid ended in South Africa not too long ago. Nigeria helped, more than any other country, in bringing that inhuman and unjust system to an end. South Africa is now a-must-go for so many Nigerians and the recent xenophobic attacks on foreigners didn’t spare Nigerians.


What did Nigeria celebrated recently and for what? Nigeria as a country of criminals has rulers that take jumbo pay and allowances, making our politicians the highest paid in the world. Ironically, this is a country that is one of the poorest in the world (caused by the ruling class of course), paying its politicians and rulers the highest recompense in the world; is that not madness? This is a country where the ruling class that is only 1% of the population helps themselves with 80% of the national income, leaving the 90% of the population with less than 20% of the national wealth, that’s evil!! Few months ago, the senate came out from its recess to deliberate for only one day in what was termed “a special session” and the senate spent about 273 million as allowances for just only that one “special” day’s session making each senator to take home about N2 million for the few hours they sat in there doing nothing, that is pure criminal act. This is a country that will roll out drums to celebrate its foolishness in the name of independence.

A fool at 48 years has nothing to celebrate for. A country where the elected or appointed leaders at all tiers of government don’t know their lefts from their rights has no need to celebrate its stupidity. A country where majority of its citizens are going to bed on empty stomach or living below the poverty line is not worth that name. A country that its citizens can’t get the medical services and drugs they need doesn’t have to make noise in the name of celebrating empty independence. A country where thousands are dying everyday on the death traps called roads, where universities have turned into “glorified secondary schools”, where graduates can’t get a job upon graduation; where people will leave their houses without being sure of returning alive; where people will sleep without being sure of seeing the next day because of the menace of armed robbers; where people will go out with their vehicles, but, are not sure of coming back with them or being alive because car snatchers might like to have the vehicles than their owners and when resisted to give them up, will be killed; a country where left is right and right is left, where wrong is right and right is wrong; a country where nobody, starting from the presidency to the lowest level, obeys the rules and regulations; a country where pregnant women are not sure of delivering their babies alive or living after delivery; a country where the Niger Delta Region that “lay most of the golden eggs” is in squalor and does not know or see what happens to its “eggs”; a country where those that were sent to prevent oil theft and illegal bunkering are themselves engaging in them; a country where the policemen/women see the people they are supposed to be protecting as objects to be exploited and will kill anybody that shows little resistance to their exploitative tendencies; a country that will send its men and women in uniform on peace keeping missions abroad and refuses to give them the allowances the United Nations/African Union/Ecowas (as the case may be) paid them; a country that will take pleasure in seeing its youth leave for greener pastures abroad; a country that is not perturbed that many of its nationals are dying in the desert and some getting drowned (turning into food for the sharks and other water animals) all in the efforts to get out of the hell called Nigeria; a country that can’t protect the lives and interests of its citizens abroad; a country where anybody in authority position sees it as an avenue to cut his/her own share of the national cake; a country where a plane will miss from the sky for so many months and its way about unknown after months of searching for it, but, all of a sudden, the wreckage was found where we were told were thoroughly searched before.

I am not insinuating anything here, I wonder how the wreckage of the plane was found near a local government headquarters after months of being there and nobody noticing it, the same hunters that found the wreckage was the same their services were engaged before. We know that a plane of the U.S Billionaire, Steve Fossett got missing for months and the wreckage was recently found, but, the crash happened thousands of miles away from where people live, but, Obudu is not thousands of miles away from where people are living and the Wings Aviation Plane’s wreckage was found only few miles away from where people are living. The owner of that plane (James Ibori, ex-governor of Delta State) is extremely rich, he is richer than many African countries and can “undo and do”, he can plant the wreckage there because “when money talks, bullshit works”. I am not suggesting he did it, but, nothing is impossible for him. I am calling on the authorities to cross-check the DNA test and result very well to make sure those carcasses seen at the wreckage sight are those of the cabin crew and not those of other people killed somewhere and planted there, that is Nigeria for you, nothing is impossible in that country.

How come that nobody saw the smouldering coming out from the wreckage when the crash happened? When the plane crashed, it must have caught fire that must have burnt for hours or days and the smoke billowing from the wreckage should have been seen miles away, at least the nearby local government headquarters around the crash site should have seen the smoke. Why didn’t anybody notice anything strange or un-usual? The speed with which Ibori came out to exonerate himself after the wreckage of the plane was found was suspicious and might have said a lot to people with deep thinking faculty.

A country where lip service is being paid to the war against corruption has nothing to celebrate, a country that sacrifices its bests, but, enthrones dunces, morons and intellectual midgets to the highest positions of authority; a country where the judiciary that is supposed to know better is aiding and abetting corruption; a country where the religious leaders have forsaken what their calling is and are now more interested in earthly possessions more than their flocks; a country that sees poverty as a curse and making of money through any means available even if through shedding of bloods, as the right thing; a country where the traditional leaders that are supposed to be the custodians of values and mores have joined in the frenzy of getting rich by all means and are bestowing traditional titles to men of queer characters; a country that has promoted mediocrity over meritocracy; a country that has half of its best brains outside of its shores helping in developing and building up other countries; a country that has no respect for the security and sanctity of lives and properties; so tell me what is there to be celebrated about. Nigeria is only an adult delinquent; it is a failed and hopeless country; a country of cabals and charlatans; it is iniquitous and will beat the biblical Sodom and Gomorrah in iniquities. A country formed up by pirates who knew then only the law of the sea. Nigeria is a country you will be looking at walking ghosts in the name of human beings.

In Part 11 of this article, we will look at Malaysia and Nigeria comparatively and read the feedbacks I received from Angus in Malaysia, Dele in Spain, Benson in China, Ikechukwu in China, Oliver also in China, Francis in Indonesia. These feedbacks gave detailed accounts of the plight of Nigerians abroad, it might as well be so nice to read first hand accounts of the horror Nigerians are going through abroad from those on the ground in those countries.

To be continued


For so many Nigerians, the “road” is very hard to travel.
For so many Nigerians, the “pain” is too much to bear.
For so many Nigerians, the “life” is unravelling.



This one is dedicated to my late brother, Udochi Ubochi and all those who died because the Nigerian politicians and officials both at home and abroad, failed to do what is expected of them. May all the wasted souls rest in everlasting peace, Amen!!!

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