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Letter of appreciation from Chiamaka Obianuju Amamgbo

Dear Codewit Management and Members,

I will start by expressing my gratitude to the Management and all members of Codewit who have voted me as Best Author of the Month. To be frank I am very much delighted in this accomplishment. I practically ran out of expression when I saw it on the front page and for a while I thought it was a dream.I could not have got this far if you did not read my work. You found my works inspirational, visionary, motivational etc, and I am much delighted my works were considered to be able to empower the youths of this generation.

Joining Codewit Global Network late last year has broadened my vision and horizon. It has made me become a better me. I have learnt a lot from the wonderful, inspirational and educative articles of all members. I drew my inspiration also from you all – your articles on the site. Frankly speaking this is a place to be, where we exchange ideas which helps us to be better.

I guess I have become addicted to the site as I always look forward to reading from you all.With the vision and mission of this forum I strongly believe the change we all want is just around the corner. Therefore let us all continue to write to see the change we desire materialize. Once more thank you all for this award.



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